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Brass Casting

  • Manufactures castings (brass and bronze) and foundry cores produced to specifications.
  • Synopsis, cast and crew, awards and links.
  • provides custom brass forgings.
  • Brass, bronze and aluminum sand castings and plaques. Prototypes, short runs and high production in green sand and airset. Short leadtimes. CAD and solid modeling.
  • Manufacturer of aluminium, brass and bronze castings from two foundry sites. Processes include sand casting and gravity die casting. Includes details of foundries and machining facilities.
  • Matches casting suppliers, ductile iron suppliers, tool steel suppliers to the foundry; for brass castings, bronze castings, or ductile iron castings.
  • Manufacturers of diecastings, sandcastings and investment castings in a wide variety of metals, including steel, cast iron, brass, aluminium, bronze and gunmetal.
  • Produces patterns and tooling for aluminum, brass, bronze, and iron castings. Also produces aluminum castings for vacuum form tools, cast aluminum rotational molds for plastics, and cast aluminum concrete molds.
  • Indian manufacturers of casting machines, casting equipment, continuous casting machines for copper and copper based alloys, with graphite heating elements and graphite die for jewellery industry, electrical brass wires.
  • Cast and credits.
  • Produces variety of gray and ductile iron, aluminum, brass, and bronze castings. Services include machining, finishing, reverse engineering, and prototype development.
  • Main emphasis is on production of small sized brass, bronze, and aluminum castings. Examples include band instrument parts, latch hardware, metering valves, decorative brass products, and railroad key blanks.
  • Producers of aluminum, brass and bronze castings with in-house pattern making and machining capabilities
  • Features a non-ferrous, bronze, brass and aluminum sand cast foundry and machine shop. Based in Canada.
  • Specializing in sand cast non-ferrous materials. Offering turn-key solutions with pattern development, casting, machining, and special finishing services available.
  • Offers information about this firm which works in brass and aluminum. Based in Israel
  • Includes a message board, viewer comments, trivia and a list of cast and crew.
  • Manufacturer of non-ferrous castings, aluminum, brass, bronze; machining, tooling, and lead free brass. Location and contact information.
  • Brass foundry provides advanced capabilities in brass, bronze and aluminum casting.
  • Specializes in custom and trade jewelry casting and finishing in gold, silver, brass, bronze and pewter. Uses lost wax and spin casting processes. Site provides details of services and order processing.
  • Aluminum Casting

    Bronze Casting