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PVC Thermoforming

  • Producers of thermoformed plastics packagings out of polyproylene, polystyrene, PET and PVC, mainly for the food industry.
  • Cutting and creasing forms, die and kiss cutting, embossing and PVC ring binders and wallets to the printing industry.
  • Produces thermoformed plastic packaging for the food export industry, fabricated PVC pipe fittings for construction and infrastructure and a variety of vacuumed formed and engineered plastic products.
  • Provides custom plastic thermoforming from start to finish. Experience in manufacturing, CAD engineering and graphic design.
  • Manufacturer of thermoformed packaging.
  • Custom thermoforming and pressure forming. Typical materials are ABS, polycarbonate, Royalite, Kydex, Acrylic,and PETG.
  • Vacuum forming and thermoforming from skin packaging to large mouldings in heavy duty plastics. Thermoforming films is a professional specialty.
  • Manufacturing plant for thermoforming. English version available.
  • Thermoforming, pressure forming, twin-sheet and vacuum forming of parts in short runs.
  • Manufacturers of blisterpacks, food containers and light gauge thermoforming
  • Produces custom thermoformed packaging for cosmetics, food, hardware, personal care products and electronics.
  • ISO 9001 Certified company specializing in plastic packaging and thermoforming.
  • UK based manufacturer of vacuum and pressure formed plastic packaging.
  • Produces thermoformed plastic products specializing in heavy gauge, custom thermoforming.
  • Thermoforming solutions to support sales and marketing of thermoforming machinery and tools in Great Britain, Eire, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Vacuum forming and thermoforming finished plastic components for use in industrial and commercial applications.
  • Custom thermoforming offering fabrication, machining, engraving, design, and engineering services.
  • Manufactures custom thermoformed packaging.
  • Manufacturers of thermoformed packaging products.
  • Custom thermoformed blisters, clamshells, assembly and shipping trays.
  • EVA Rotomolding

    Polypropylene Blow Molding