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Aluminum Gravity Casting

  • Offers a wide scope of products and services, including traditional alloying, lead products, and gravity casting, high capacity custom zinc and aluminum diecasting, and CNC precision machining. Based in Canada.
  • The Netherlands. Designs and fabricates aluminium silos, gravity blenders, and aluminum dry bulk containers. Primarily serves petrochemcial and food industries.
  • Review, cast, and credits.
  • An aluminum foundry of sand castings, die castings, and permanent mold castings from ounces to 500 pounds.
  • UK. Family run business producing gravity die castings in aluminum and zinc aluminum. Capabilities include own dies, heat treatment, machining, painting, and assembly. Site incorporates account of aluminum properties and advantages.
  • China manufacturer of aluminum extrusions, aluminum heatsinks, sheet metal stampings and aluminum die castings.
  • Offers aluminum alloy sand casting production services from design to delivery.
  • UK. Family business producing raw, machined, and finished non-ferrous castings. Uses gravity die, synthetic airset, and green sand methods. Materials include aluminum, gun metal, zinc alloys, and phosphor/aluminum-bronze.
  • Aluminum and zinc-aluminum casting company with permanent moulds in cast iron, iron and graphite. Quebec, Canada.
  • Provides aluminum, ferrous and non ferrous gravity die and sand castings with heat treatment, and industrial coatings. Located in Southeast London, UK.
  • Specializing in the smelting, transformation and casting of aluminum.
  • Suppliers of cast bronze and aluminum products. Custom products and ordering information.
  • Aluminium and aluminum castings are made in a non-ferrous foundry, from very small up to 2 tonnes.
  • Produces patterns and tooling for aluminum, brass, bronze, and iron castings. Also produces aluminum castings for vacuum form tools, cast aluminum rotational molds for plastics, and cast aluminum concrete molds.
  • Israeli manufacturer of Aluminum and Magnesium alloys sand castings-including machining. ISO 9902 Certified.
  • Spanish based aluminum die casting company with facilities in five locations: France, Germany, Denmark and United States.
  • Supplier of aluminum castings, CNC machining, metal finishing, product assembly, metal fabrication, based in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Features an aluminum foundry making sand and permanent mold castings. Based in Mexico.
  • Produces variety of aluminum castings, including awnings and marine hardware. Site provides details of capabilities and available products.
  • Makes aluminum castings with dimensional accuracy, exceptional metallurgical qualities, and parts with complex geometry.
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