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Aluminum Sand Casting

  • Specializing in sand cast non-ferrous materials. Offering turn-key solutions with pattern development, casting, machining, and special finishing services available.
  • An aluminum foundry of sand castings, die castings, and permanent mold castings from ounces to 500 pounds.
  • An aluminum sand casting foundry in USA. Producing aluminum sand castings with machining services.
  • Manufactures aluminum, bronze, iron castings including historical markers, plaques, architectural cast iron, furnace grates (parts), machine castings. Small-jobbing foundry with a complete pattern shop.
  • Offers aluminum alloy sand casting production services from design to delivery.
  • Specializes in production of no-bake, air-set bronze and aluminum sand castings. Site provides gallery of sample end products and includes details of process involved in producing one of them.
  • Israeli manufacturer of Aluminum and Magnesium alloys sand castings-including machining. ISO 9902 Certified.
  • Provider of magnesium and aluminum sand castings with finishes available for aircraft, military and commercial industries. Features overview of products, success stories and contacts.
  • Features an aluminum foundry making sand and permanent mold castings. Based in Mexico.
  • Make sand castings in these non-ferrous metals; bronze, aluminum, bronze.
  • Manufacturers of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc castings for rapid prototype and short-run production using green sand, plaster mould and air-set sand process. Online brochure and request for quotation.
  • U.S. Manufacturer of precision aluminum and magnesium alloy sand castings ranging from 5 lbs. to 1200 lbs for aerospace and commercial markets.
  • Family owned and operated sand casting facility founded in 1938. Specializing in high grade commercial aluminum sand castings.
  • Features a non-ferrous, bronze, brass and aluminum sand cast foundry and machine shop. Based in Canada.
  • Israel. Manufactures broad range of aluminum and magnesium alloy sand castings. Activities includes pattern manufacturing, prototype development, serial casting, and finished machining.
  • Specializing in the manufacturing of aluminum sand castings, including related heat treatment, tooling and machining services.
  • Aluminum sand casting specialist since 1910. Offers furnished castings for machine tools, scientific products, conveyor equipment, railroads, food processing equipment, pumps, and decorative items.
  • England based magnesium or aluminium alloys sand casting foundry specialising in casting for automotive applications. Low volumes of 1 - 500 units. Pattern making and CNC Machining services available.
  • Offers sand castings in magnesium and aluminum alloys for motorsport and industrial applications. Also provides pattern making, CNC machining services, and CAD-CAM.
  • Brass, bronze and aluminum sand castings and plaques. Prototypes, short runs and high production in green sand and airset. Short leadtimes. CAD and solid modeling.
  • Resin Bonded Sand Casting

    Brass Sand Casting