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Brass Gravity Casting

  • Review, cast, and credits.
  • Manufacturer of aluminium, brass and bronze castings from two foundry sites. Processes include sand casting and gravity die casting. Includes details of foundries and machining facilities.
  • Manufactures castings (brass and bronze) and foundry cores produced to specifications.
  • Offers aluminium castings using facilities including CAD/CAM, as well as sand and gravity die casting equipment. UK based.
  • Synopsis, cast and crew, awards and links.
  • British company producing low pressure and gravity castings using aluminium and magnesium alloys. Facilities include CAD/CAM die manufacture, CNC machining, powdercoating, and surface finishing.
  • UK. Manufactures fully machined gravity and high pressure die castings for variety of industries. Includes floodlights, electrical switch gear, forklift truck parts, and window sash weights. Site incorporates animated presentation of capabilities.
  • provides custom brass forgings.
  • Specialists in aluminium gravity die castings. Details of technologies employed, industries served and sample products.
  • Brass, bronze and aluminum sand castings and plaques. Prototypes, short runs and high production in green sand and airset. Short leadtimes. CAD and solid modeling.
  • Manufactures fully machined gravity and high pressure die castings for variety of industries.
  • British foundry producing aluminium pressure and gravity die castings, as well as ductile and grey iron castings. End products include manhole covers, drainage grids, and a variety of engineering parts and components.
  • Produces aluminium castings using sand and gravity die methods. CADCAM facilities. Photo gallery of products. Located in Malaysia.
  • Provides aluminum, ferrous and non ferrous gravity die and sand castings with heat treatment, and industrial coatings. Located in Southeast London, UK.
  • Manufacturers of non-ferrous gravity die castings and machined components. Located in India.
  • Offers a wide scope of products and services, including traditional alloying, lead products, and gravity casting, high capacity custom zinc and aluminum diecasting, and CNC precision machining. Based in Canada.
  • UK. Produces high pressure zinc and aluminium and gravity die casting components for automotive, construction, electric, lighting, and general manufacturing industries.
  • UK. Family run business producing gravity die castings in aluminum and zinc aluminum. Capabilities include own dies, heat treatment, machining, painting, and assembly. Site incorporates account of aluminum properties and advantages.
  • Manufacturers and exporters of non-ferrous die casting products including gravity die castings, sand castings, pressure die castings, zinc castings and services for CNC machining.
  • UK. Specializes in air-set sand molded castings in ductile iron and variety of steel alloys. Products include press tools, gravity die blocks and inserts, marine and railway castings, and furnace parts. Machining also available.
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    Aluminium Die Casting