CNC Machining of Chrome Plated Shaft for Mechanical Equipment

CNC Machining of Chrome Plated Shaft for Mechanical Equipment

Customer Information and Requirement

2016/10/11 an American customer needed to produce a batch of chrome plated shafts (hard chrome piston rod), which was used as the mechanical equipment. The annual demand was 10,000 pcs. The customer wanted to use machining process only without any mold investment. They provided drawings during quotation. After we assisted customer to improve design defects in drawings, the customer gave us an order of 1,600 pcs.

2016/10/28 The customer inspector confirmed the quality of raw materials and samples, they were very satisfied. And then they approved the mass production.

2016/11/17 All products had been completed. The customer examined and approved the quality at our workshop.

Product Information:
Product Name: Chrome Plated Shaft (Hard Chrome Piston Rod)
Order Quantity: 1,600 Pcs
Application: Used In Mechanical Equipment.
Materials: ASTM A-108
Technology: Machining
Surface Treatment: Chrome Plating
Net Weight: 9.8 Kg
Quality System: ISO9001:2008
Production Cycle: 30 Working Days
There were totally 8 wooden boxes, and 200 shafts in each box.
To protect the shaft during transportation from damages, we firstly put the shaft into a plastic bag to create a tight seal from getting rusted. We also applied some oil inside the bag, and then put it into a special designed paper tube. Each shaft had been packed individually.