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Customized Precision CNC Punching Parts

Injection Molded Products

Mulan has been engaged in the production of  metal deep drawing/metal stamping/sheet metal forming/metal stamping for more than 10 years. We constantly enhance our strength and update the advanced stamping machine, which can meet the design and production of 70% stamping parts. We have a professional production team of metal stamping/metal stamping/metal deep drawing.At the heart of mullan is: the best quality, the lowest price, on time delivery.

Mulan is good at integrating production process. We will evaluate according to your design of metal outer case stamping parts, and reasonably arrange other subsequent processing, including metal laser cutting/CNC machining service/metal welding service.


Aluminum Sheet High Quality Customized CNC Punching Products

All of them have 247 square holes and 32 irregular holes, which are produced by high-precision CNC puncher to ensure quality and production speed. Next, we need to do the work of spraying plastics to ensure that the product will not oxidize for a long time.


Stainless Steel Customized High Precision CNC Punching Parts