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Green Sand Casting

  • Manufacturers of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc castings for rapid prototype and short-run production using green sand, plaster mould and air-set sand process. Online brochure and request for quotation.
  • Turkish producer of castings in iron, aluminium and steel 0.5 kg to 1200 kg for ornamental and general engineering applications. Processes green sand and no bake. Product catalogue on site.
  • Brass, bronze and aluminum sand castings and plaques. Prototypes, short runs and high production in green sand and airset. Short leadtimes. CAD and solid modeling.
  • U.S. Manufacturer of magnesium and aluminium castings by mechanized precision green sand, dry sand and permanent mold processes.
  • UK. Family business producing raw, machined, and finished non-ferrous castings. Uses gravity die, synthetic airset, and green sand methods. Materials include aluminum, gun metal, zinc alloys, and phosphor/aluminum-bronze.
  • Features ferrous castings, gray iron, ductile, and green sand.
  • China. Manufacturing group producing variety of valves, pipe fittings, pump housings, and fasteners. Processes include lost wax and foam, resin and green sand, and die casting, as well as hot, coldheaded, and die forging.
  • Produces sand that is used for casting and molding in the iron, non-ferrous, and manganese steel foundry industry.
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