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Grey Iron Casting

  • Manufacturer of gray iron castings including ferrules, flanges, corner, retainer, compressor body and wheel hub.
  • Foundry located in Mexico, with sales office in California, producing broad range of grey iron and iron alloy castings. Examples of end products and details of markets served.
  • French foundry specializing in grey iron casting in metallic dies; includes profile, advantages, and production process.
  • Manufacturers of grey cast iron and ductile iron products.
  • Aluminium alloy and iron castings (grey, malleable, and ductile iron) produced by electric furnace.
  • Features gray and ductile iron castings for a wide variety of industries.
  • ISO-9002 certified manufacturer with annual production of 3000 tons of forgeable cast iron, grey cast iron fitting and various small cast products. Company and product introductions.
  • Indian manufacturers of grey and ductile iron castings for sanitary, ornamental, and industrial applications. Includes detailed listing of products.
  • Manufacture and export grey iron castings including municipal castings, manhole covers, grates, hydrants and other industrial castings. India.
  • India. Produces variety of grey cast iron and ductile iron products for automotive industry. Examples include manifolds, pulleys, valves, connecting rods, and crankshafts. Available in machined condition.
  • India. Produces variety of shell moulded grey and ductile iron castings, with some focus on motorcycle market. Products include cylinder blocks, exhaust manifolds, clutch discs, brake drums, and water pump bodies and impellers.
  • Group of British foundries producing variety of raw and finished ductile, malleable, and grey iron castings, with some focus on the automotive market. Site provides details of capabilities and range of end products.
  • British foundry producing aluminium pressure and gravity die castings, as well as ductile and grey iron castings. End products include manhole covers, drainage grids, and a variety of engineering parts and components.
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