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HDPE Rotomolding

  • Canadian maker of rotomolded and composite boats with an emphasis on sea kayaks. Located British Columbia.
  • Organization of the rotational molding industry worldwide promoting and rotational molding. Site explores the benefits of rotomolding. Details the process, economics and advantages.
  • Manufactures rotationally molded products.
  • Weekly listing of HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene, PVC and PET contract prices.
  • Manufacturing commercial grade rotomolded components for playgrounds, waterparks, and swimming pools.
  • Site describes oxidized HDPE waxs offered and used as a process agent in PVC and in the emulsion industry.
  • Manufacturers & Exporters of roto-molding machines and plants. Provide company, product and contact info.
  • Designs and sells reusable ATA and rotomolded shipping cases for musical instruments, computer, and audio video applications.
  • Sells single and tandem rotomolded sit on top kayaks, paddles and back support seats. Includes photos and description.
  • Carrying cases, rack cases, rotomolded, injection molded, thermoformed and blow molded cases.
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) ropes and nettings. Range of products include agricultural screen nettings, windows screens, sun shading nets, as well as HDPE woven fabric.
  • Manufacturer of rotomolded, heavy duty shipping cases and containers for the air and ground transport of specialized and sensitive equipment.
  • Offers recycled LDPE, HDPE, flex PVC, rigid PVC, and various engineering plastics resins for extrusion, injection and blow molding.
  • Plastic recycler of HDPE and PP. Grind, wash and dry post consumer plastic. Also manufacturer 100% recycled plastic car stops.
  • Collects and recycles HDPE crop protection product containers. Thousands of farmers and applicators across the USA participate in their programs.
  • Turnkey recycling lines, HDPE and PET bottles recycling equipment, plastic films and washing bottles plants. Based in Italy.
  • Oferuje opakowania foliowe, asortyment dla gastronomii, rolki do kas fiskalnych, wykonuje nadruki na foliach HDPE i LDPE. Wejherowo.
  • Producent opakowań z folii HDPE.
  • [Cazzago S. Martino, BS] Produce compounds di polietilene (LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE) neri e colorati per diverse applicazioni.
  • Manufacturers of printed HDPE containers for pesticide packing.
  • LLDPE Rotomolding

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