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Injection Molding Parts

  • Injection modular molding, component design, producing high and low volume parts.
  • Phenolic -Thermoset injection, compression and transfer molding capabilities parts.
  • Plastic injection custom parts and modular mold making.
  • Manufactures injection modular molded thermoplastic parts from flexible or rigid plastics.
  • Injection modular molding of parts for motorcycle, automobile, electronic, and household wares.
  • Injection molding and extrusion of decorative and specification parts for modular plastic production and manufacturing.
  • Precision injected modular molded parts and assemblies for electronic, medical, pharmaceutical, and allied industries.
  • Custom production of complex parts per reaction injection modular molding process.
  • Plastic injection modular molded parts.
  • Manufacturers of parts using the injection molding process and thermo-plastic resin. Canada based.
  • Injection Molding specialists. Mold design and manufacturing, rapid prototyping, production molds, injection molded plastic parts.
  • Manufactures thermoplastic injection molded parts. Capabilities include insert molding, over-molding, in-mold decorating and gas assist molding. based in Wisconsin, USA.
  • Custom injection modular molder of plastics parts.
  • Injection modular molder and moldmaker produces parts in a variety of polymers.
  • Custom injection, modular and insert molding specializing in replacing die cast metal parts with injection molded plastic parts, offering design, engineering.
  • Plastic injection molding of custom parts for OEMs. Also mold making, insert molding, over molding, 2-shot molding, pad printing and assembly.
  • Molding of precision plastic parts, tool design and in-house toolmaking.
  • Designs, produces and assembles plastic molded parts. Based in Italy.
  • Mold gears and medical parts. Taiwan based.
  • Insert-molding, gas-molding, injection molding, mold design for auto parts, toys, pipes, crates. ISO2001 certified. Based in Dongguan,China
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    Injection Molding Products