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Injection Molding Products

  • Provides injection modular molding solutions for industrial, medical, consumer, agricultural, and electronic products.
  • Custom injection modular molding. Support from concept to design to moldmaking to final production.
  • Manufactures precision plastic injection molds for global customers.Based in China.
  • Injection Molding specialists. Mold design and manufacturing, rapid prototyping, production molds, injection molded plastic parts.
  • Specializing in injection modular molding of small, high specification products.
  • Injection molds, insert molding, custom injection modular molding, product design, plastics engineering, tool making, mold making, finishing, and CAD/CAM.
  • Injection modular molded products and mold design.
  • Injection modular molder of industrial plastic products.
  • Manufacturer of plastic injection modular molding products using the patented Unimold process.
  • Mold and product development, mold design, mold making, and in-house injection molding. Based in Ontario.
  • Design and manufacture of custom injection modular molded and thermoformed plastic products for worldwide industry.
  • Injection molding and extrusion of decorative and specification parts for modular plastic production and manufacturing.
  • Manufactures injection molded plastic fabrications, production and prototype molds; moldmaking, insert and plastic injection molding, electrical discharge machining services.
  • Custom production of complex parts per reaction injection modular molding process.
  • Plastic injection mold making and injection molding services. China based.
  • Offers custom injection modular molding, product development, and prototyping.
  • Full service modular plastic molding from concept to production.
  • Manufacturer of molded oral hygiene products such as toothbrushes. Malaysia based.
  • Injection modular molding and liquid injection molding of engineered products for automotive, appliance, health care and industrial products.
  • Plastic injection mold builder, prototype and production molds, fixtures and mold sampling.
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