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Injection Mould

  • Training and technical support for the injection moulding industry. Download an injection moulding calculator.
  • Site describes services including plastic injection and blow moulding. Based in China.
  • Manufactures plastic blow moulded and injection moulded products.
  • Plastic injection moulder developing injection mould tools and producing precision plastic components in engineering thermoplastics.
  • Offers injection moulding tool design, manufacture and services including single impression and multi cavity hot runner and gas injection moulding tools.
  • UK based Plastic Injection Moulders and Toolmakers Specialising in prototype and development plastic Injection Mouldings and Mould Tools.
  • Provide plastic injection moulding services with specialisation in medical plastic injection moulding. Based in Sandbach, Cheshire, Northwest England
  • An injection moulding and injection mould toolmaking company. Specialising in heat bending and bespoke point of sale displays. based in UK.
  • UK based injection moulding company for 65 years.
  • Provides custom injection moulding and fast prototyping for the plastics and packaging industry.
  • India based injection moulding company.
  • Injection moulding business offering product design, tool design and production moulding. Overviews of the company, design services and production facilities.
  • Plastic injection tooling and moulding. Offer expertise on component design, tool design and moulding solutions.
  • Supplies prototyping mould design and manufacturing injection moulding of plastic parts assembly, printing, welding. Based in Slovak Republic.
  • Offers die casting mould services for plastic injection moulding services. Malaysia based.
  • Provides custom plastic injection mould and tool design and fabrication. Based in Malaysia.
  • Provides thermoplastic injection moulding both horizontal and vertical in the range of 30-210 tonnes.
  • Plastic injection moulding. Includes company profile, and details of services offered, with moulding and tool-room capacities. Based in UK.
  • Plastic injection moulding. Includes company profile, and details of services offered, with moulding and tool-room capacities.
  • HMT offers plastic injection mould and tooling services, from concept design through to full production. Company profile, services offered, equipment available and case studies.
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