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Insert Molding

  • Specializes in injection molded plastics including: complex molded plastics, insert molded plastics, plastics assembly, custom molding, modular molding and precision molded plastic components.
  • Custom plastic modular molder specializing in custom insert, thermoplastic and thermoset molding.
  • Injection modular molder specializing in insert molding.
  • Plastic moldings, injection molding, custom molding, insert molding, modular molding, modular tooling, and thermosets.
  • Plastic injection molding of custom parts for OEMs. Also mold making, insert molding, over molding, 2-shot molding, pad printing and assembly.
  • Manufactures thermoplastic injection molded parts. Capabilities include insert molding, over-molding, in-mold decorating and gas assist molding. based in Wisconsin, USA.
  • Specializes in plastic injection molding, insert molding, sonic welding, modular molding,secondary assembly, specialized testing, blister and other types of packaging.
  • Plastic injection molding, two-shot molding, modular molding, overmolding and insert molding.
  • Insert-molding, gas-molding, injection molding, mold design for auto parts, toys, pipes, crates. ISO2001 certified. Based in Dongguan,China
  • Injection molds, insert molding, custom injection modular molding, product design, plastics engineering, tool making, mold making, finishing, and CAD/CAM.
  • Builds and delivers injection molds for presses up to 1,000 tons. Also, specialist in insert and shuttle molds.
  • Manufactures injection molded plastic fabrications, production and prototype molds; moldmaking, insert and plastic injection molding, electrical discharge machining services.
  • Provides product design, tooling, horizontal & vertical injection molding, insert molding, assembly, secondary machining and other operations.
  • Provides custom injection molding and in house mold design and tooling. Press sizes 50 to 150 ton. Specializes in insert molding and manufacture of fluid handling parts. Based in Ohio, USA.
  • Custom molders of thermoset plastics specializing in fully automatic molding, thermoset injection, injection compression, compression, modular, transfer and insert molding.
  • Custom plastic modular molder specializing in custom insert, thermoplastic and thermoset molding.
  • Custom design and manufacture of single and multiple cavity, insert and injection molds for automotive parts and plastic products. English and Chinese.
  • Custom injection modular molding of thermoplastic parts. Offers decorating, pad printing, hot stamping, ultrasonic insertion and welding.
  • Specializing in insert molding, modular molding, two color, twin injection units, using all types of plastics resins. Machines from 150 tons to 1500 tons.
  • Custom injection, modular and insert molding specializing in replacing die cast metal parts with injection molded plastic parts, offering design, engineering.
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