Investment Casting for Stainless Steel Blade for Kitchen Tools

Investment Casting for Stainless Steel Blade for Kitchen Tools

Customer Information and Requirement

2014/12/12 an American customer needed to produce a batch of stainless steel blade for a kitchen tool, which was assembled with an electronic equipment handle. There was another factory from Ningbo would produce this electronic equipment, and Mulan’s blade should be able to match with their product. The annual demand was 6,000 pcs. The manufacturing process was investment casting. The drawings were provided during quotation.

2015/1/9 After we assisted customer to improve the design defects, the customer gave us an order of 1,000 pcs to start with.

2015/1/30 We had discussed with Customer and Ningbo factory about the assemble points. After a long term communication, we had agreed with the final design of this item. We had changed some dimensions on the drawing, and talked about the package method with the electronic equipment.

2015/7/31 The customer inspector confirmed the quality of our samples and the package, they were very satisfied. And then the mass production got started.

2015/8/27 All products had been completed. The customer examined and approved the quality at our workshop.

2016/1/07 After a good sales of the first batch goods, the customer gave us a new order of 6,000 pcs. We finished the production at 8th. April.

After these 2 batches of production, we have continuous orders of 6,000 pcs annually.

Product Information:
(1) Product Name: Kitchen Tool Stainless Steel Blade
(2) Order Quantity: 2014 year: 3000 pcs, Each year: 6000 pcs
(3) Function: Kitchen Tool to Remove Cucumber’s Heart
(4) Material: Stainless Steel 303
(5) Production Progress: Stainless Steel Investment Casting
(6) Tolerance difficulty: must be able to suit the handle made by the other supplier perfectly
(7) Surface Finished: Electrolytic Polishing
(8) Quality System: ISO 9001:2008
(9) Production Due Date: 60 Working Days
(10) Package Information: Each Small Carton, Carton Size: 16*2*2cm
(11) Gross Weight: 240 kg