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LDPE Rotational Molding

  • Specializing in thermoforming and vacuum forming provides custom design, modular prototyping and fabrication.
  • Manufactures custom rotationally modular molded plastic products from polyethleyne, EVA, PVC, and Nylon. Design and mold making capability.
  • Offers custom rotational modular molding of plastics.
  • Organization of the rotational molding industry worldwide promoting and rotational molding. Site explores the benefits of rotomolding. Details the process, economics and advantages.
  • Manufactures rotationally modular molded polyethylene storage tanks and custom plastic products.
  • Rotational modular molding of plastic components for the agriculture, heavy truck, healthcare, construction, and waste handling, industries.
  • Offers hygienic plastic pallets, containers, bins and specialty products.
  • Rotational modular molding of storage containers, textile containers, bins, spinning cans, and a variety of tanks.
  • Rotational modular molding of tanks and containers for a variety of industries, from polyethylene and polypropylene. Description of rotational molding process.
  • Manufacturer of rotationally modular molded boat dock floats, septic tanks, storm shelters, bulk containers, trash dumpsters, construction materials, and custom products.
  • Manufacturer and exporter of biaxial rotational molding equipment, as well as "Rock and Roll" machines, pulverisers, and moulds.
  • Rotational modular molder of custom thermoplastic parts. Specializing in products with logos, inserts and complex shapes from engineering and commodity resins.
  • Custom rotational modular molder serving the commercial, construction, material handling, industrial, marine, R/V, agricultural and toy industries.
  • Molder of LDPE and CPE PVC and polypropylene disposable products. Based in Hong Kong.
  • Offers recycled LDPE, HDPE, flex PVC, rigid PVC, and various engineering plastics resins for extrusion, injection and blow molding.
  • Specializing in pattern making for EPS, EPP, foam-in-place fixtures, thermoforming, pressure forming, twin sheet, blow molds, RIM molds, rotational molds.
  • Specializes in the sale of industrial storage tanks designed to help companies manage their process, day tank, and bulk storage needs.
  • Provides rotational molding design and engineering. Assists companies in locating a rotational molder that fits their project requirements.
  • Training, consulting and reference material for the rotational molding industry worldwide.
  • Electroforming nickel tools for intricate shapes and sizes of resin transfer, vacuum forming, reaction injection and rotational molds.
  • Injection Tooling

    LLDPE Rotational Molding