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Lost Wax Casting

  • Lost wax foundry production of precision parts in structural, stainless and super alloy steel. Examples of the lost model casting process: rapid prototyping, the wax is removed by micro fusion and the steel is cast into the ceramic shell.
  • Manufacturers of precision investment castings through the lost wax process and sand castings. Based in India.
  • Taiwan Manufacturer of lost wax castings, die casting parts and sand casting parts for wholesalers.
  • Precision investment casting foundry for prototype and production castings using the "lost wax" process pouring aluminum, steel and copper based alloys.
  • Lost wax foundry specializing in nonferrous decorative metal casting actively pouring 9 alloys.
  • Specializes in custom and trade jewelry casting and finishing in gold, silver, brass, bronze and pewter. Uses lost wax and spin casting processes. Site provides details of services and order processing.
  • Manufactures precision investment castings (lost wax process).
  • Silver and gold jewelry made using the lost wax casting method.
  • A foundry manufacturing small precision investment castings from a variety of metals using the lost wax process.
  • Manufacturer of lost-wax castings. Based in Taiwan.
  • Ferrous and nonferrous investment castings using the lost wax process, and vacuum castings.
  • Provides hands on training in lost wax casting process, with each class limited to five participants. Site provides details of instruction and arrangements for accommodation. Located in Provence, France.
  • Features photo-chemically machined and lost wax precision casting in brass, nickel silver, bronze, copper beryllium, aluminium and steel. Based in Italy.
  • Foundry specializing in lost wax process; with information about the process, gallery of sculpture.
  • Bronze sculpture in one-twelfth and related scales cast using the lost wax process.
  • Design and manufacture of cast iron, lost wax, die castings, stampings and forgings. Located in China.
  • Specialists in investment casting of a wide range of carbon and stainless steels, aluminium and copper based alloys using the lost wax casting processes.
  • Precision investment castings, or lost wax castings, in steel and high alloy nonferrous alloys.
  • China. Manufacturing group producing variety of valves, pipe fittings, pump housings, and fasteners. Processes include lost wax and foam, resin and green sand, and die casting, as well as hot, coldheaded, and die forging.
  • Offers lost wax process, investment castings and ferrous non-ferrous castings.
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    Copper Investment Casting