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Moulded Parts

  • Makes flexible mouldings used for custom applications such as base, casing, crown, stair parts and other hard to find curved mouldings.
  • Manufacturer of mouldings, stair parts, columns, flexible moulding, and doors. Offers domestic and exotic wood species. Includes product profiles and specifications. Based in Miami, Florida, United States.
  • Quotation software for costing, quoting and planning the production of mould tools for plastic and rubber injection moulded parts.
  • Manufacturer of starter motors, alternators, car relays and fuses, riveting machines, moulds, offers galvanizing services in Czech Republic, Europe.
  • Precision polyurethane mouldings, aluminium and investment castings.
  • Synthetics processing company specializing in the development of moulds, the production of thermoset parts, technical synthetics, injection moulding and pressing.
  • Produces injection moulded plastic parts with a fast turnaround and no compromise on the complexity of parts.
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