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PS Vacuum Forming

  • International vacuum former of plastic parts for a wide range of industries.
  • Rochester MN manufacturer of vacuum forming machines and supplies.
  • Specializing in thermoforming and vacuum forming provides custom design, modular prototyping and fabrication.
  • Table top vacuum forming for modelers and hobbyists. Create any shape imaginable in plastic.
  • Seamless product development from conceptualization to tooling and beyond. Extensive portfolio featuring roto and injection molded, and vacuum formed products, as well as, websites and graphics.
  • Vacuum forming and pressure forming custom parts for the medical, and waste and water industries.
  • UK based manufacturer of vacuum and pressure formed plastic packaging.
  • Thermoforming, pressure forming, twin-sheet and vacuum forming of parts in short runs.
  • Specialist 1/24th and 1/32nd vacuum formed body shells.
  • Vacuum forming and thermoforming finished plastic components for use in industrial and commercial applications.
  • Custom vacuum forming of plastic parts for the automotive, tools and electrical appliances industries. Also, foil printing, welding and assembly services.
  • Vacuum forming and thermoforming from skin packaging to large mouldings in heavy duty plastics. Thermoforming films is a professional specialty.
  • Manufacturing of custom plastic components through the vacuum and pressure forming processes utilizing both rotary and in-line machines.
  • Specializing in vacuum sheet forming of high performance composites and thermoplastics for military, aerospace and commercial applications.
  • Dedicated to vacuum pots in their many forms.
  • Design, pattern and mold making. Also, vacuum-forming, CNC trimming, fabrication, assembly and finishing.
  • Custom vacuum former with dedicated capabilities to the lighting industry, producing and stocking decorative acrylic lenses.
  • Online store of a shop at Swansea Market supplying replacement parts and dust bags for vacuum cleaners, washing machines and pressure cookers. Provides details of product range and an enquiry form.
  • Manufacturer of machinery that produces corrugated pipe, small and large diameter. Available: vacuum forming corrugators, blow molding moldblocks and blow molding/vacuum assist.
  • Performing medium to heavy gauge industrial Vacuum forming, pressure form or twin sheet, to specifications. Mold making capability.
  • PET Vacuum Forming

    Injection Mold