Round Tube Bending of Aluminum Handle for Shopping Baskets

Round Tube Bending of Aluminum Handle for Shopping Baskets

Customer Information and Requirement

Back to 2014/9/21, we got a new Spanish customer, who introduced by an regular customer, was looking for one kind of basket handle. At that time, customer only got the general idea, and he sent us a sketch, and shipped us a basket prototype that assemble with the handle.

After we received the basket, Mulan did the measurement and make a professional drawing with fixed tolerance and assembly issue, and approved by the customer, in the meantime, customer placed the first mass production order 10,000 pieces.

One month later, about mid Oct, 2014, we finished the production, sent QC report and detailed pics to customer, and got them shipped through our forwarder.

Customer picked up the goods after almost 20 days long sea freight trip, they are satisfied with the quality. However, they want to expand the business and enlarge the next order quantity, they looking forward to get a better price, we offered couple of options of a cheaper surface treatment, gladly we helped solving this problem for customer.

It is a nice business experience, built a good trust on each other. Up to now, we have already produced over 1 million handles, and order still continue.

Product Information:
(1) Product Name: Aluminum Basket Handle
(2) Order Quantity: 2014 year: 14,400 pcs (Each year: 28,800 pcs)
(3) Function: Aluminum handle for shopping baskets
(4) Material: aluminum rod in 7mm diameter
(5) Production Progress: Bending
(6) Tolerance difficulty: must be able to suit the basket
(7) Surface Finished: anodic oxidation
(8) Quality System: ISO 9001:2008
(9) Production Due Date: 40 Working Days
(10) Packaging: Customized carton boxes with pallets
(11) Gross Weight: 240 kg/pallet