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Rubber Injection Molding

  • Manufactures automatic rubber and silicon injection molding machinery.
  • Manufacturers of PVC,TPR, Shoe Last and Rubber injection molding machines. Also manufactures screw barrels and repairs machines of any make.
  • Molded rubber products. Molded rubber to metal components. Injection, transfer, and compression molding of all rubber elastomers.
  • Manufacturer of vinyl dip molding, plastic and rubber injection molding, compression molding, transfer molding and extrusions.
  • Custom injection modular molding of rubber spare parts for the automotive, agricultural and textile industries.
  • Manufactures compression, transfer, and injection molded rubber products.
  • Manufactures injection and compression molded rubber original equipment and replacement parts.
  • Manufactures rubber products by injection and compression molding, extrusion, and bonding to metal. Includes photos of samples.
  • Manufactures rubber parts for the automotive, electronic and medical, industries. Thermoplastic and thermoset injection molding.
  • Provides plastic, die casting and rubber molds as well as machined parts, plastic component molding and rapid prototyping. Based in Guangdong Province,China.
  • Designs and manufactures vertical injection molding machines for rubber and plastic.
  • ABS Injection Molding

    Acetal Injection Molding