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Custom Precision Sheet Metal Stamping Stainless Steel Parts

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Stainless Steel Metal Stamping

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OEM Customized Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Stamping

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Stainless Steel Stamping

Mulan Manufacturer Group stainless steel Stampings parts has over 10 years of experience in metal stamping and tooling. We provide high-quality stainless steel stamping components to many industries:

  • automobile punching part
  • Medical stamping parts
  • electronic products Stamping parts
  • Civilian stamping parts

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Stainless steel stamping parts of the most fascinating place is the gloss of stainless steel is very good, has the very suitable hardness, it is easy to form the shape of the need in the process of production, and products in the process of using not easy deformation and damage, stainless steel stamping parts have good anticorrosion function, increase the service life of product 10-12 years, on the surface treatment of stainless steel stamping products, stainless steel material can accept many handling, sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing, coating, electrolytic polishing, etc.Although the price will be slightly higher than other materials, but for the use of stainless steel stamping products, stainless steel stamping products are cost-effective products.


Custom Stainless Steel Stamping Alloys (301, 304, 316, etc.)

According to your unique requirements, our team of stainless steel stamping engineers will evaluate and select the most suitable stainless steel materials for you.

301 stainless steel stamping parts:

High tensile strength and corrosion resistance of 301 stainless steel stamping parts.There are hard, semi-hard and completely hard.

304 stainless steel stamping parts

The 304 stainless steel stamping is the main product of 300 stainless steel series, which requires medium tensile performance and corrosion resistance. The most common are food grade stainless steel and stainless steel disc stamping

316&316L stainless steel stamping parts

Stamping 316 & 316 L stainless steel is 300 stainless steel series.Molybdenum can be added to improve strength and corrosion resistance.Used in pharmaceutical, food processing and Marine environments.

321&347 stainless steel stamping parts

Stamping 321 and 347 stainless steel.It is stabilized by adding alloy to improve weldability and high temperature use.

17-7ph stainless steel stamping parts

Stamping 17-7ph stainless steel .The solid solution treatment of 17-7ph stainless steel is unstable austenite structure, which has good plasticity and processing property. The corrosion resistance of 17-7PH is better than normal martensite stainless steel.

Processing stainless steel punching parts

Metal stainless steel stamping provides low cost, high value of the mold and steel manufacturing, for the global stainless steel stamping parts buyers to provide high quality stainless steel parts.


Stainless steel stamping operations include:

  • Blanking
  • Bending
  • Metal Forming
  • Piercing
  • Coining
  • Short Run & Prototyping
  • Stainless steel disc stamping
  • Characteristics of Stamped Stainless Steel Components

Features and advantages of stainless steel include:

Fire and heat resistance: Stainless steel that is alloyed with high amounts of chromium and nickel are especially resistant to thermal stress.

Aesthetics: Consumers appreciate the clean, modern look of stainless steel, and it can also be electropolished for improved finish.

Long-term cost effectiveness: While it may cost more initially, stainless steel endures for decades without a breakdown in quality or appearance.

Sanitary: Trusted by the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries because it is easy to clean, some stainless steel alloys are also considered food-grade.

Sustainability: Stainless steel is considered one of the most sustainable alloy choices, making it ideal for use in green manufacturing methods.

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