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Stainless Steel Stamping

  • Manufactures metal stampings, mild steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, stampable materials, sub-assemblies, sheet metal fabrications; water jet cutting, machining service.
  • Fabricates metal stampings using single-station and in-house built progressive dies in stainless steel, bronze, brass, and copper.
  • Brass, copper, aluminum, steel and stainless steel tubes redrawn and fabricated through Metal-flow III hyroforming, bending, cold forming, roll forming, beading, threading and stamping.
  • Production of medium to high volume progressive stampings, assemblies and light gage stainless steel watertight containers.
  • Produces broad range of stampings, including deep drawn metal and stainless steel parts. Also manufactures spun metal pulleys to customer requirements. Site provides account of capabilities and available equipment.
  • Manufactures stainless steel production. In English, German and Swedish.
  • Rubber stamp manufacturers and general engraving. Engravers of all types of signs and labels. Stainless steel engraving a speciality. Ancoats
  • Deep Drawn Stamping

    Brass Stamping