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Steel Forging

  • Specializes in closed die impression forgings from 2 oz. to 25 lbs., in carbon and alloy steel, stainless, aluminum, and other alloys.
  • Manufacture and exporter of open and closed die steel forgings for railways, automobile, defence, mining and general engineering purposes.
  • Custom forgings and design services. Includes services, products, and technical support.
  • Custom open die forgings, seamless rolled rings and decarb free bar and plate products.
  • Manoir Industries is manufacturing highly engineered components, both castings and forgings.
  • Produces carbon and steel forgings worldwide.
  • Produces wide range of custom closed die steel forgings in carbon and alloy steels. Capabilities include expertise in producing multi cavity forgings. Mainly serves the car and truck, railroad, and recreational vehicle markets.
  • Open Die Forgings and Seamless Rolled Rings. ISO 9001:2008, AS/EN9100:2009 Rev. C manufacturer of all open die forge products.
  • Manufacturers of steel forgings.
  • Closed die forging company capable of producing carbon and alloy steel near net forgings that range from 2 to 60 pounds.
  • Steel converter of forged and rolled bars or billet and anneal and cold finish metals. Includes a photographic tour of the production plant.
  • Producing custom, impression die hot forgings, supplying carbon and alloy steel forged components to a multitude of industries.
  • A member of the Forging Industry Assoc; does custom forging of alloy, steel, aluminum, stainless and brass materials.
  • Manufacturers open dye steel forged products. Located in India.
  • Switzerland. Offers expertise and manufacturing assistance in production of drop-forged components, open-die forgings, and seamless rings and components of aluminium, steel, titanium, copper, and nickel.
  • Features forgings for steel rolling mill plants and related equipment. Based in India.
  • Produces cold forged shafts, pins, axles and many additional parts made from cold forging carbon and alloy steel.
  • A manufacturer of small to medium closed die forgings, clevises and fittings in carbon, stainless steel and alloy for automotive, marine, valve and hand tool industries.
  • Manufactures carbon, alloy and stainless steel closed and impression die forgings.
  • India. Specializes in production of forgings in carbon, alloy, and special steels. Includes flanges, gears, and jointless rings. Serves variety of industries. Site describes range of capabilities.
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