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Water Glass Investment Casting

  • Custom-embossed kiln-cast glass sculptures, water walls, and colorful art screens for corporate surroundings. Based in Arizona.
  • Produces broad range of investment castings, particularly to meet requirements of commercial glass industry. Can also supply dry sand and resin shell castings. Site provides details of capabilities and includes FAQ page.
  • Manufactures fiberglass animal statues, water slides, rainmakers, trademarks, mascots.
  • Water jet cutting service provider that cuts aluminum, copper, steel, plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, stone and rubber for industry or individuals.
  • Custom-embossed kiln-cast glass sculptures, water walls, and colorful art screens for corporate surroundings.
  • India. Produces waxes for investment casting industry. Versions includes pattern waxes with and without fillers, as well as water soluble core, adhesive, and patching types. Site incorporates detailed product specifications.
  • Cast glass sculptures, architectural glass, glass design of cast bowls and fused and slumped plates.
  • News about glass, collected from various sources on the web.
  • Offers handmade glass prisms that hold water and project rainbows by refraction, pyramid lamps, mandalas, and jewelry boxes.
  • Suncatchers, stained glass castings and windows.
  • Manufacturer of glass products including bent glass, safety glass, bullet proof glass, and other specialty glass fabrications.
  • Manufactures small-dimensional toughened (tempered) glass elements.
  • Specializing in stained and leaded glass.
  • Teaches glass blowing, glass casting and flame working in the San Francisco Bay Area, and offers studio rentals.
  • Gallery of pâte de verre kiln fired glass, cast glass vessels, sculptures and architectural glass crafted by Ellen Abbott and Marc Leva.
  • Artists Dagmar and Jan Zenka offer cast, fused and stained glass.
  • Featuring a collection of fused and cast art glass.
  • Variety of art glass such as stained, kiln caste, pate de verre and fused.
  • Supplies glassblowing and glass casting consumables.
  • Manufactures and markets centrifugally cast glass fiber reinforced polyester resin for potable water and sewage pipes of large diameter. Information about the company and its international activities. Describes the advantages of the FRC pipes and how they are manufactured.
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