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Zinc Die Casting

  • Provides zinc and cadmium electroplating. Chromate conversion colors and dyes.Expert black and olive drab chromate. Cleaning and degreasing using non-ozone depleting chemicals.
  • A metal finisher specializing in zinc plating from production runs to one of a kind. Rack and barrel plating is available in house with quick turn around.
  • Malaysian manufacturer and processor of aluminium and zinc alloy die-casting components. Currently produces components for computer peripherals, electrical and electronic equipment, motorcycle engines and office systems. Currently, the company supplies die castings for use in: computer peripherals electrical and electronic equipment motorcycles and office systems.
  • Manufacturer of aluminum, zinc, and miniature zinc die castings.
  • British company specializing in zinc electroplating, passivating, and metal finishing. 24 hour turnaround possible. Pick up and delivery available. Primarily serves the UK's northwest area.
  • India based high pressure die casting manufacturer making components in aluminium and zinc.
  • Manufacturers of Zinc and Zinc/Aluminum Alloy wire, strip, rod, plate, shot, foil, and Plattline Zinc Ribbon Anodes, located in Waterbury, CT, USA.
  • Aluminum and zinc-aluminum casting company with permanent moulds in cast iron, iron and graphite. Quebec, Canada.
  • Northeast USA manufacture of zinc based alloys for the casting and plating industries.
  • Aluminum and zinc die cast parts, machining, assembly, prototype, castings, diecastings, manufacturing.
  • Aluminum and zinc die casting. Operates 12 aluminum and 1 zinc die cast machines, automated with casting extractors to auto cast and trim.
  • Canadian die caster specializing in flash-free precision zinc and magnesium die cast components as well as injected metal assembly machines.
  • Primary casting source for companies in Silicon Valley. Vacuum assist aluminum or zinc die castings in any production stage required.
  • Zinc plating metal finishers supplying the computer, retail, automotive, furniture and leisure industries. Company profile and contact details.
  • Provide contract and fine metal castings, finishing, fast turnaround prototyping, zinc alloy castings from hard and soft masters, white metal, lead-free pewter and zinc.
  • Manufacturers of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc castings for rapid prototype and short-run production using green sand, plaster mould and air-set sand process. Online brochure and request for quotation.
  • North American based manufacturer of zinc die cast parts. Features hot chamber machines producing parts ranging from trucking and automotive, to sporting goods and electronics.
  • Manufactures pressure casting, diecasting in zinc, aluminum and magnesium.
  • Consulting services to suppliers and users of aluminum, magnesium and zinc die castings. Includes technical articles on die casting process and design.
  • Provides aluminum and zinc die casting, machining and finishing. In operation since 1946.
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