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CNC Machining Aluminum Parts

Aluminum CNC Machining Service

China precision numerical control processing service provider, with over 20 years of experience in numerical control processing and production, has participated in the production of over 5,000 kinds of products, advanced automatic precision processing and production equipment, customized production of all customized processing of precision small parts and large parts, and can accept orders of small batch and rapid processing design models.Our precision CNC processing services cover a wide range of materials, including: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, casting products, plastics: nylon, PMMA, PEEK, POM, ABS, PET, PVC, HDPE, PTFE, etc.




Our One-Stop Service:

We can provide a complete one-stop service, starting from your design, maybe you only have one idea, or a sample, and finally send qualified products to your country, accepting the sea or air requirements.


 - product design

 - CNC machining

 - heat treatment

 - quality inspection

 - surface treatment

 - packaging

 - transport to your country.




Mulan have two large machining factories located in Shanghai, China, which have passed the examination and approval of iso9001-2015 standard and ISO/TS16949 and obtained the environmental protection production license of Shanghai government.We have been engaged in the machining industry for more than 10 years, and have participated in the procurement projects of many large international procurement companies, including auto parts, medical equipment parts, military parts, civilian product parts, etc. Mulan machine processing products are the best choice for international buyers.



Our Quality :

Mulan have high requirements for our products. Burrs, oil stains and scratches are not allowed. This is our style.

Size is the life of a product, we will use the most professional work to give each product vitality.

We only provide qualified products.

-Inspection of raw materials

-Inspection of processing equipment

-Process part inspection and report

-Rework test

-The CMM inspection

-Projector inspection

-Packing inspection.




Various surface finish can be worked with, such as anodizing, brushing, sand blasting, polishing, 

powder coating, spray painting, silk screen printing and carving


Customized Stailness Steel CNC Machining Products



Customized Precision Aluminum CNC Machining Products



Customized Precision Plastic CNC Machining Products



Customized Precision Brass/Copper CNC Machining Products



Customized Precision Casting CNC Machining Products



 Customized Precision Molding Machining Service


Mulan’s Products and Services:

1. Metal Casting: Die Casting, Sand Casting, Gravity Casting, Investment Casting, metal forging and low pressure casting

2. Metalworking Service: Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Structural Metal Fabrication, Metal Frame Manufacturing, Welding Service, Cutting Service, Metal Bending, Plate Rolling, Metal Roll Forming, Sheet Folding, Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn Stamping, Expanded Sheet Metal and Metal Perforating.

3. Precision Machining Service: CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Drilling, CNC Boring, CNC Grinding, CNC Cutting, Laser Engraving and Laser Marking.

5. EDM Machining Service: Wire EDM Machining, Sinker EDM Machining, EDM Hole Drilling Service and Small Hole EDM Machining.

6. Heat Treatment Service

7. Surface Treatment Service

8. Assembly

9. Packing

10. Testing Report, QC Report

We provide customers with high precision CNC machining capability and precision machining parts.

We reasonably charge the fees, because we are the manufacturer, we will not charge your intermediary fees, and will not increase your production costs in order to increase profits.


1 Day

Mulan's service is 7*24 hours. When we receive your product requirements, we will reply to you within 5 hours. You may receive a greeting from us, but we may have made a simple assessment of your requirements.If you are on the other side of the earth, please forgive us for replying to you within 24 hours.

2 Hours

If your design is simple and you can tell us all the requirements, then we can start production in 2 hours.Mulan has its own processing plant, more than 10 years of precision car processing experience, complete tools, professional production.

7 Days

If your products are in small quantities, not special materials, then we can finish your production within 7 days and start the final quality inspection.

Mullan's quality inspection team is an engineer who has been working in the precision vehicle processing industry for over 20 years, with CMM and enough inspection tools to help.

1 Month

It will take at least one month to ship goods from China to your country, which is a time that mulan cannot save. However, mulan has a professional international shipping logistics team, which can save the time of handling international shipping documents. Therefore, you can submit all your requirements to Mulan.