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Copper/Brass Investment Casting Products

Brass/Copper investment casting is a widely used way of casting, can cast a very precise and the surface is very good products, the main use of Stainless steel and copper.Specialized in customized production of Copper/Brass Investment Casting Products, we have professional production line, professional team of Casting engineers carry out continuous inspection, perfect processing workshop, which can produce highly efficient, high-quality and low-cost customized Casting Products.


Mulan focuses on the casting production of customized brass/copper materials. When the customer sends us the product design, we will respond within 24 hours and make detailed production evaluation and reasonable quotation.Mulan has a team of professional engineers who will advise you on the production of your products (mold design, product design, material selection) to ensure that your products can be produced efficiently.If you only have one idea or one sample, then I can produce it for you.

Mulan can be a one-stop service. When your products need CNC machining after casting, we will set up the production line of CNC machining.CNC lathe processing, CNC milling machine processing.Production will be conducted according to your requirements and delivered to the port.


Please make sure that the customer sends us all the requirements, which can be of great help to our work and your product, to avoid high cost and wrong instructions in the casting process.


The team of professional INVESTMENT CASTING engineers will continuously examine every production step.Size, material, performance, and surface are all important to us.


The biggest headache of Investment casting products is the density of materials, which often includes pores, etc. Mulan will study the product design and make sure that the correct composition is ensured while using technology to guarantee that the product has no casting defects.

Mulan has produced many foundry products with seal requirements.

Mold design  



Produce the shell





Shot Blasting

Heat treatment