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Customized Deep Drawing Products

Customized Deep Drawing / stamping products

China's professional metal stamping factory, customized to produce high-quality metal stamping, metal stretching parts.Advanced equipment, rich production experience, low cost, high quality, through iso9001-2015 standards.

We have 20 years of production experience of metal stamping, metal stretching, numerical control stamping and other products, advanced technology and professional team of engineers to guarantee the high efficiency and high quality production of customers' products.Our material base has more than 100 kinds of materials for customers to choose.


Stainless steel, galvanized board, carbon steel plate, copper, aluminum and so on are our main production materials. We manufacture according to your design. I am honored to show our products to customers.

Many customers will cooperate with us for a long time, we supply more than 1000 global large metal stamping and stretching parts buyers.Our Chinese metal stamping workshop is equipped with a variety of equipment.Can produce all the precision metal stamping parts you need.


Large Stamping / Deep Drawing Parts.


Precision Metal Stamping Parts



One-stop Custom metal stamping service.