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Customized Precision Aluminum Stamping Parts

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Precision Aluminium Metal Stamping Products
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Aluminum Stamping
Metal stamping provides high quality metal parts for industrial, commercial and consumer sectors and precision aluminum stamping services for a variety of industries
  • aerospace
  • industrial
  • marine
  • medical
  • construction
  • automotive
  • lighting
  • electronics
Aluminum is conductive, lightweight, and has a shiny appearance, often alloyed with other metals to increase strength and adaptability.Aluminum is also ideal for food and medical applications because it does not release flavour or toxins during packaging.

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Stamping Aluminum Components
Mulan metal stamping has more than 10 years of experience in metal stamping and moulding.Aluminum stamping includes:

  • Blanking
  • Bending
  • Forming
  • Piercing
  • Coining
Various designs of aluminum alloy stamping parts
According to your special requirements, the team of mulan metal stamping engineers helps you choose the most suitable aluminum alloy materials to manufacture your aluminum stamping parts.Aluminum stamping parts can also be anodized to improve surface hardness and corrosion resistance, and mulan can customize anodization of any color for you in challenging environments.Common aluminum stamping parts include:
Aluminum Alloy Common Applications
2024 Aluminum Stamping & 7075 Aluminum Stamping Aircraft & screw machine components
3003 Aluminum Stamping Hardware, furniture & cooking utensils
5052 Aluminum Stamping Sheet metal ductwork
6061 Aluminum Stamping Marine hardware, architectural structures & aerospace components
6063 Aluminum Stamping Extruded architectural structures & pipes

Characteristics of Stamped Aluminum Components
Features and advantages of aluminum include:
Ductility: Aluminum has a low melting point that allows flexible formation throughout product design, making it ideal for the power storage, beverage container, battery, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical and decorative packaging industries.
Reflectivity: Often used for solar technology and similar applications, aluminum is reflective of light and heat.
Recyclability: Aluminum is easily recycled without deterioration, making it highly sustainable.
Corrosion-resistance: Aluminum generates a natural oxide coating, and is tolerant to moisture and most chemicals.
Lightweight strength: Aluminum has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and is especially strong when combined with other metals. This is critical to the automotive and aerospace industries, where excess weight elimination improves fuel economy.

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5. EDM Machining Service: Wire EDM Machining, Sinker EDM Machining, EDM Hole Drilling Service and Small Hole EDM Machining.
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