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Mulan metal stamping is a supplier of high-quality copper metal stamping. With 10 years of experience in copper alloy stamping processing, Mulan metal stamping supplies more than 100 stamping parts procurement companies worldwide. Centering on the manufacturing of high-quality and low-cost copper alloy stamping products, Mulan metal stamping constantly increases its processing capacity and processing equipment.At present, we can customize copper stamping products designed by 80% of our customers.Includes stamping of copper sheet, stamping of copper castings, drawing of copper sheet, stamping of copper bar

  • electronics
  • aerospace
  • medical
  • decorative hardware
  • construction

We supply you with high quality, low cost and on-time delivery of copper stamping parts one-stop service.


The stamping parts of copper and copper alloy are widely used in the production of stamping products. Mulan provides pure copper materials with purity of 99.7%-99.95%. The stamping parts of pure copper have good conductivity, and are often used in the parts of conductive and thermal conductive equipment, and have good corrosion resistance.

The copper alloy material is a kind of high-gloss yellow material, which has good cold processing property. It contains 30% zinc, which is often used to make the shell shell. It can also increase the content of aluminum to produce high hardness, high strength and corrosion resistance.Lead can increase the cutting performance of copper alloys and can produce high-precision copper alloy stamping parts.

Mulan's team of copper and copper alloy stamping engineers will choose more suitable materials to produce high-quality copper alloy stamping products because of your requirements and design.


Features of copper stamping parts

Thermal conductivity and heat resistance: copper is second only to silver in thermal conductivity and is the main material of electrical, hvac and gas pipelines.

Surface treatment: copper is a beautiful "" non-ferrous" "metal commonly used in construction, hardware design and consumer applications.

Durability and corrosion resistance: copper is non-reactive and does not brittle under sunlight or low temperatures.It can also be combined with other metal alloys to improve corrosion resistance in adverse environmental conditions.

Ductility and ductility: when hardened, copper is highly ductile and ductile, making it ideal for wire, tubing, and other industrial USES.

Hygiene: copper is a natural hygiene metal with antibacterial properties, useful for the food and beverage industry.

Sustainability: copper is highly recyclable with no degradation or quality loss, so it's an attractive green option.

Custom copper stamping parts


Mulan copper alloy stamping parts use different types of copper for your stamping items.It can help you choose the type of copper that is most suitable for your use, and copper can be used with other metal alloys to improve strength and long-term durability.

The USES of copper in general include:

  • Architectural features
  • Solar collector
  • Air conditioning components
  • Electronic application
  • Medical equipment
  • Transformers, motors and cables
  • Pipe and roof
  • Sanitary container
  • Copper tool kit

Customize the copper stamping parts and stamping molds, and for your safe use, mulan's engineers will follow your design for more perfect construction.

Copper stamping operation includes:

  • blanking
  • bending
  • The formation of
  • The piercing
  • embossed


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