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Deep Drawing Sink

Stainless Steel Deep Drawing Sink Water Channel for Kitchen Use

Mulan has been engaged in the production of metal deep drawing/metal stamping/sheet metal forming/metal stamping for more than 10 years. We constantly enhance our strength and update the advanced stamping machine, which can meet the design and production of 70% stamping parts. We have a professional production team of metal stamping/metal punching/metal deep drawing.At the heart of mullan is: the best quality, the lowest price, on time delivery.

Mulan is good at integrating production process. We will evaluate according to your design of metal outer case stamping parts, and reasonably arrange other subsequent processing, including metal laser cutting/CNC machining service/metal welding service.


Large custom-made steel plate deep drawing sink

Mulan can produce large plate stretch flume for North America and produce 180 units per day for home kitchens and washrooms.

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1. Metal Casting: Die Casting, Sand Casting, Gravity Casting, Investment Casting, metal forging and low pressure casting

2.Metalworking Service: Metal Fabrication, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Structural Metal Fabrication, Metal Frame Manufacturing, Welding Service, Cutting Service, Metal Bending, Plate Rolling, Metal Roll Forming, Sheet Folding, Metal Stamping, Deep Drawn Stamping, Expanded Sheet Metal and Metal Perforating.

3. Precision Machining Service: CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Drilling, CNC Boring, CNC Grinding, CNC Cutting, Laser Engraving and Laser Marking.

5. EDM Machining Service: Wire EDM Machining, Sinker EDM Machining, EDM Hole Drilling Service and Small Hole EDM Machining.

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