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Mulan is a large integrated custom parts manufacturing company, Injection molding parts production is one of mulan's main businesses. Mulan has participated in the production and design of more than 10,000 products and has successfully provided long-term injection molding products for many large injection molding parts purchasing companies in the world.
Mulan has three large injection molding factories: automotive injection parts factory, precision injection parts factory/medical injection molding factory and large injection parts factory.

Mulan produces injection molding products in accordance with iso9001-2015.Strictly control the quality of your products.which ensures that our products can meet the customer’s requirements. We has rich experience in multi-cavity molding with full hot runner system and half hot runner system. We are capable of manufacturing precise moulds with various dimensions and the complex moulds。
If you have injection molding products to be produced, you can send me the information.

Mulan can customize plastic injection gear, according to your design, we design injection mold, production of injection mold, product quality control, packaging and shipment.
Mulan produces a variety of gears for international buyers :straight gear,helical gear,double helical gear, bevel gear