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Injection Molding Water Bottle

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injection molding water bottle

Mulan is a large integrated custom parts manufacturing company, Injection molding parts production is one of mulan's main businesses. Mulan has participated in the production and design of more than 10,000 products and has successfully provided long-term injection molding products for many large injection molding parts purchasing companies in the world.

Mulan has three large injection molding factories: automotive injection parts factory, precision injection parts factory/medical injection molding factory and large injection parts factory.

Mulan produces injection molding products in accordance with iso9001-2015.Strictly control the quality of your products.which ensures that our products can meet the customer’s requirements. We has rich experience in multi-cavity molding with full hot runner system and half hot runner system. We are capable of manufacturing precise moulds with various dimensions and the complex moulds。
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This product is a single-layer water cup. We choose the edible grade PC plastic, which is guaranteed non-toxic.The most important difficulty of water cup products is sealing, so the mold used for injection molding should be professional, the mold surface should be smooth and clean, to prevent the production of defective products out of mold, the heating part should be reasonable, injection molding time should be reasonable.Mullan is very careful and cautious about all products.

We can customize plastic injection bottles instead of blow molding products.

Comparison between injection and blow molding water bottles:
1. Injection bottle can be customized asymmetrical shape, can be customized more colors, for special design easier to achieve.
2. Injection water bottles can control the smooth inner wall, blowing water bottles can not control the inner surface finish.
3. Injection water bottles can well control the thickness of the wall, blowing water bottles can not control the thickness of the inner wall.
4. Injection water bottles can be very good to reduce processing traces, to achieve the inlet material is difficult to find, blowing water bottles can not avoid processing traces.
5. Injection water bottles can use a variety of materials to achieve better results.

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