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Gravity Casting

Gravity casting

Mulan Manufacturer Group professionally produces gravity casting products. The main materials are aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. According to different product structures, we use cast iron or cast steel to produce gravity casting products.Compared with sand casting, gravity casting products cost less, more accurate, better surface finish and more suitable mechanical properties.The cost of gravity casting is only half that of die-casting or less.


The rapid chilling gives excellent mechanical properties whilst non-turbulent filling ensures production of heat treatable gravity castings with minimal porosity.

We will use our professional knowledge to optimize the product design you need to meet your product requirements and avoid unnecessary production problems for you.

Gravity casting is also called Metal Tooling Casting. The process is letting the metal liquid flows into the tooling to mold the pasts with the effects of gravity.

Gravity die casting method is competitive casting method when production quantity is relatively small or when heat treatment is needed to improve the mechanical properties. This casting method gives better tolerances and surface finish than sand casting. The tooling costs are somewhat higher than by sand casting.


In gravity die casting molten aluminium is poured into a metallic tool. The casting temperature is about 750°C. The tolerances and surface finish are good. The use of sand cores in gravity die casting enables casting of very complex components.

Using sand cores in gravity die casting makes it possible to manufacture items with complicated inner shapes in a cost effective way in small and medium quantities. Typical products produced this way are e.g. air intake components for diesel engines, valves for flow systems, tanks for air conditioning systems etc. Typically they have curved inner shapes which are optimized for gas or liquid flow. Using shell sand cores gives close tolerances and relatively good surface quality also for the surfaces solidifying against the sand core.


  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • Smoother cast surface finish than sand casting
  • Improved mechanical properties compared to sand casting
  • Thinner walls can be cast compared to sand casting
  • Reverse draft internal pockets and forms can be cast in using preformed sand core inserts
  • Steel pins and inserts can be cast into the part
  • Faster production times compared to other processes.
  • Once the tooling is proven, the product quality is very repeatable.
  • Outsourced Tooling setup costs can be lower than sand casting.

We have high technical force and can also machine the part after casting, we have got CNC machining center and CNC lathe equipment.
We also do secondary operation including heat treatment and shot blasting.


Aluminum Gravity Casting Products

We custom manufacture parts based on your requests or drawings, please send your Request for Quotation to our email address at

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