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On-Demand manufacturing industry solutions

Mulan MFG has been focusing on the customized manufacturing of industrial parts for 18 years. Through ISO 9001-2015, it has served over 2000 + procurement projects in different industries worldwide.Mulan MFG relies on advanced equipment and scientific production management with strong on demand manufacturing capabilities.

Provide Multiple Industry Manufacturing Solutions

Complete supply chain, set up a strong manufacturing network, faster, more efficient, higher quality, more flexible to handle any product in any industry.

Material Storage

Copper Alloy Products

Custom Precision Copp ...

Metal Casting Products

One-Stop Custom Metal ...

Steel Products

One-Stop Customized S ...

Plastic Products

On-Demand Precision P ...

Aluminum Alloy Parts

On-Demand Aluminum Al ...

Stainless Steel Products

On-Demand Stainless S ...

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