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Plastic Molding

Injection Molded Products

Mulan is a professional manufacturer of precision plastic molding service in China. We carry out our quality control procedure strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008, which ensures that our products can meet the customer’s requirements. We has rich experience in multi-cavity molding with full hot runner system and half hot runner system. We are capable of manufacturing precise moulds with various dimensions and the complex moulds, also can accept large orders.

We focus on every single customer’s unique needs and match with the most appropriate plastic solution. Our capabilities are wide ranging and we can produce precision micro sized plastic parts and large injection molded parts up to 30 kgs. We make the plastic injection molds/tooling ourselves as well with decades experience. We are able to provide a one-package service, including design, mold making, painting, moldings, assembly, packaging, and delivery.

1..We also have 3 cooperative high-precision injection molding products production workshops, injection molding medical supplies, mobile phone injection parts, automotive injection parts.Minimum 5g injection gear can be produced, maximum 20kg injection parts can be produced.Send me your request, I will make it for you with the best price.
2.Mulan has a professional injection parts quality control team
A.Mulan has different serial Numbers for each customer's products, and independently sets up production files to check the material certificate in detail and test the ingredients from the purchase of injection materials.Ensure the accuracy and safety of materials.
B.During the production of injection molding products, the quality control team will be responsible for the procedures of injection molding equipment and injection molding equipment. We divide the production process of injection parts into four processes, including injection mold inspection, injection product production sample, injection product production and injection product production.At each stage, 10 percent of the tests should be conducted 2 to 4 times.
C.According to different injection products of different structures, we will conduct inspection according to the requirements and use CMM to prevent the appearance of defective injection products. Implement injection molding parts production in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements.
3.Injection molding equipment maintenance.
Both of precise injection mould and precise injection molding are the key technologies in the process of rapid developing precise plastic parts.
At the end of each working day, we will carry out a maintenance on the equipment and the discontinued molds. Every winter, the injection equipment for professional maintenance, calibration of all parts
4.employee training
At the launch meeting of each injection molding product, the engineer will give a training to the personnel involved in the production of each injection molding product, from injection mold design, injection mold production, injection product samples, injection product inspection and injection product packaging.All links must impress the production personnel involved.Detailed analysis of product structure, examples: Shrinkage damage, bubble, incomplete ,colour,transformation.
5.Quality inspection report
We will conduct quality inspection and provide quality inspection report.It is to add the inspection content as required by the customer.