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Precision Injection Parts

Injection Molded Products

Precision injection parts
Mulan specializes in the production of precision injection parts for automotive, medical, electronic equipment parts.。
Mulan has the ability to develop and design precision injection products independently, and has the ability to produce them in batches.We provide high-quality, low-cost plastic injection mold tooling and custom plastic molded parts to customers all over the world.
Has independent precision injection mold factory.
CNC machining *1,.
Precision engraving machine*1.
CNC milling machine*3 .
precision grinding machine*4.
We know every item you need and make sure they are of high quality.

Mulan has been developing in the mold and injection molding industry for more than 10 years. There are a group of high-quality technical personnel, a complete set of perfect production technology and strict quality assurance system, product design and manufacturing, all of which adopt Moldflow model flow analysis, 3d UG software design and CAD manufacturing. We can customize it according to customer's requirement, and provide one-stop service from r&d design, mold opening and injection molding, which can adapt to market change and user's demand.

Mulan mould selects suitable injection mold materials according to the customized injection molding products, which can help you to produce injection molding products reasonably and obtain more reasonable mold cost.

Injection mold material:p20,718,738,1.2343,1.2343ESR,1.2344,1.2344ESR
Injection mold life:1000K
injection:hot running/cold running
Standard : iso9001-2015

Precision injection molding parts : PP edible grade injection parts


Custom plastic injection parts
Custom PC injection products

POM plastic injection molding gear
Mulan’s injection molding is able to offer the full range of service from mold designing, making, plastic part molding to printing, assembly, package, and shipping arrangement.

injection molding Engineering
Mold design
Mold flow analysis
Project management
Supplier Managed Inventory
Design for Manufacturing
Value Analysis

Technical Injection Molding
20 to 1000 Tons Injection Molding Presses
Structural Foam
Small Precision and Large Cosmetic
Gas Counter Pressure
High Pressure Thin wall
Robotic and Automated Pick and Place

Secondary Operations
CNC Machining
Sonic Welding
Heat Staking
Hot Stamping
Pad Printing
Solvent Bonding

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