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plastic rotational mould box
We are one of the rotational molding(rotomolding) and roto moulded products professional manufacturer in china .We make various kinds of roto moulded products according to our clients requirements(within 3*3*3meters range).Our products have enjoyed good reputation from all our customers .We have registered the international quality system of ISO 9001-2015 in the year of 2015.

As one of the biggest manufactures of rotational molding, our advantages are as follows:

1.As a mould maker for nearly 13 years, especially good at gravity casting mould and aluminum roto-mould.
2.Commitment to finding a workable,low-cost solution for every customer
3.We have a 7*24 hour online service.
Knowledgeable design & engineering staff to help satisfy your unique requirements service .conception-to-delivery production capabilities. Better ones can achieve your idea
5.Totally customizable solutions, including colors, graphics, inserts ,materials and mold treatments
6.Unmatched quality control, Produce according to the quality standard you require.
7.Lightweight, durable products that are exceptionally cost-effective in any environment

Mulan can customize the production of plastic rotation boxes, the production of plastic roto products 13 years of experience, can solve the uneven wall thickness, surface is not smooth, ROTA product molding is not good.
You can send me your product design, or just a concept, and we will produce the best product for you.

The Advantages of our Rotomolding:
1) Economic tooling costs.
2) One-piece construction.
3) Weight reduction-as compared to most metals.
4) Uniform wall thickness-nothinning in the extremites.
5) Thickness can be varied if required
6) Variety of finishes and color.
7) The ability to produce multi-wall moldings.
8) Design flexibility-from small and intricate to large and complex.
9) Metal inserts as integral parts.
10) Short lead-time.
11) Resistance to stress-cracking and corrosion