The precision CNC machining center is a high-efficiency and high-precision automatic machining process developed by modern industry according to the traditional milling machine. It uses data and software to control the cutting of tools and parts with mobile processing. It has many varieties of products, complex structure, precision and efficiency Low advantage.


Through rich processing experience and scientific numerical control operation, various complex precision parts can be produced, which are widely used in aerospace, automotive parts, medical Products, electronic instruments, military, civil hardware and other industries.



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Mulan MFG Focuses On Customized Precision CNC Machining Services.



Mulan MFG CNC machined Factory

Mulan MFG is an expert in global custom precision cnc machining parts production solutions services. Focusing on the design and manufacture of customized cnc machining parts for 18 years, serving the supply of customized metal and plastic cnc machining parts in various industries around the world.

Quick response ability, high quality quality control and reasonable cost control are our core competitiveness, professional sales team and strong after-sales service make us in the leading position in the industry. Provide cnc milling service, cnc turning service, EDM, wire EDM, surface treatment, heat treatment and other one-stop value-added services.


Design & Development & Manufacturing

Free product 3D design files
Reverse modeling based on ideas
Rapid prototyping of multiple materials
Products development, optimized mass production process
Combination of multiple resources, high-quality mass production.
10 years of experience in rapid prototyping, combined with multiple processes, is trustworthy.
7 * 24 hours continuous production, fast logistics delivery, complete small capacity orders on the same day.
Physical factory, real factory price.
Complete production chain, one-stop CNC machining company.
Powerful online English after-sales service, control the production of orders at any time.


Reasonable Quality Control

Custom Precision CNC machining parts are our main products. Mulan has advanced CNC machining centers such as

  • 3-Axis/4-axis/5-axisMachiney
  • Fifteenprofessionalengineers
  • Fivequalitycontrolengineer
  • Automaticcoordinatemeasuringinstrument(CMM)
  • Automatedopticalprojector
  • Surfaceroughnessmeter
  • Rockwellhardnesstester
  • Electronicinnerdiametermicrometer,etc.

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