Industrial-Grade 3D Printing Services

Mulan provides professional rapid prototyping services, using advanced processing equipment and professional production and processing technology to provide customers with rapid prototyping technical support services. Mulan only provides high-quality rapid prototyping products, and refuses to deliver unqualified products to customers. We have a complete processing line, from raw materials to finished products processing, one-stop processing technology allows us to complete high-quality products with low cost advantages. We promise to replace the production errors free of charge. Usually the rapid prototyping products are in small batches, which are generally used for the development of new products. We accept small orders of 1-10000pcs and provide complete production technical support. Many times our customers only have one idea or one sample. Mulan introduced the concept of the product into a 3D model and customized a rapid prototype based on the product design.

  • FDM printing technology: PLA ABS
  • SLA printing technology: photosensitive resin, transparent resin, soft plastic materials, etc.
  • SLS printing technology: nylon fiberglass
  • SLM printing technology: aluminum alloy stainless steel titanium alloy bronze
  • CNC machining rapid prototyping: ABS PC, PP, acrylic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, PTFE PEEK, etc. (plate, rod, pipe)
  • Batch lamination process: ABS TPU PP PP Nylon POM etc.
  • Surface treatment: Monochrome spray paint, Multi-color spray paint, Hand-painted color, Screen printing, Electroplating, Oxidation, Carving etc.

Why Use 3D Printing?

SLA 3D Printing

The obvious advantage of 3D printing is that it can generate parts of any shape directly from computer graphics data without mechanical processing or any mold, thereby greatly shortening the product development cycle, increasing productivity and reducing production costs. At the same time, 3d printing can also print out some shapes that cannot be produced by traditional production technology. At the same time, 3d printing technology can also simplify the entire production process and has the characteristics of rapid and effective. Therefore, when a product designer conducts product development and changes component structure or component function, 3D printing technology is often used to simulate prototypes, which is very necessary in the early stage of mass production. Maybe you are in these stages now:

  • Show your creativity to your boss or client. Timely grasp market sales opportunities.
  • The product is in the stage of development and modification.
  • Test product characteristics and assembly.
  • Optimize product mass production process to avoid unnecessary waste in advance.
  • Be your descriptive argument during exhibition or project financing

Why Choose Mulan MFG ?

High Quality Production :Mulan MFG has always been a professional team of quality engineers to carry out strict inspections on our products. Our product qualification rate is above 95%. You do not need to worry about receiving bad products because quality is the life of Mulan MFG.

Real Factory Price : Strong internal manufacturing capacity, can control all cost consumption, from raw materials to transportation, all steps are under our control, years of manufacturing network construction can get a real quotation from the factory, no middleman profit space.

On-Time Delivery : Mulan MFG knows how to compress time, formulate a complete production process mechanism, effectively and efficiently work, and maximize its manufacturing capabilities according to the production cycle provided by customers.

More 3D Printing Capabilities

Metal 3D Printing Service

  • Stainless Steel
  • Maraging Steel
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Bronze
  • Titanium
Plastic 3D Printing Products

SLA 3D Printing Services

  • Photosensitive Resin
  • Transparent Resin
  • Soft Rubber
  • ABS
  • PLA

SLS 3D Printing Services

  • Nylon
  • Fiberglass

Mulan's Advantage

  • Free product 3D design files
  • Reverse modeling based on ideas
  • Rapid prototyping of multiple materials
  • Product development, optimized mass production process
  • Combination of multiple resources, high-quality mass production.
  • 10 years of experience in rapid prototyping, combined with multiple processes, is trustworthy.
  • 7 * 24 hours continuous production, fast logistics delivery, complete small capacity orders on the same day.
  • Physical factory, real factory price.
  • Complete production chain, one-stop manufacturer.
  • Powerful online English after-sales service, control the production of orders at any time.

3D Printing Application

  • Jewelry
  • Industrial Design
  • Architecture
  • Engineering And Construction (AEC)
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Dental Medical Industries
  • Education
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Civil Engineering
  • Firearms
  • Other Fields
  1. Minimum wall thickness 0.8MM Accuracy ± 0.1MM
  2. The surface can be polished to be transparent The material deformation is stable
  3. It is more conducive to viewing products with complex structures
  1. Minimum wall thickness 0.8MM Accuracy ± 0.1MM
  2. High detail accuracy
  3. High toughness
  4. High strength
  5. High surface treatment effect
  1. Minimum wall thickness of 0.8MM and an accuracy of ± 0.1MM
  2. Good toughness is beneficial to the design of products requiring high strength (such as thread or snap structure).
  3. The surface is smooth and suitable for precision parts
  1. Minimum wall thickness 0.8MM Accuracy ± 0.1MM
  2. High temperature resistance 100 ℃, high hardness, poor toughness.
  1. Minimum wall thickness is 1MM. The accuracy is ± 0.2MM.
  2. It is easy to deform. It is easy to tear.
  3. The hardness changes with temperature.
  1. Minimum wall thickness 1MM Accuracy ± 0.3MM
  2. High strength
  3. High cost Low cost Degradable
  1. Minimum wall thickness 0.7MM Accuracy ± 0.1MM
  2. High temperature resistance
  3. Good toughness
  4. High strength
  5. Suitable for industrial components.
  1. Minimum wall thickness 0.7MM Accuracy ± 0.1MM
  2. High temperature resistance
  3. High strength
  4. Suitable for industrial components
  1. Minimum wall thickness 1.2MM Accuracy ± 0.02MM
  2. Anti-acid and anti-corrosion
  3. Complex structure
  4. Precise components in specific fields.
  5. Medical, aerospace, electronic equipment, and other components

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