Mulan Group focuses on precision lost wax investment casting services. Our advanced investment casting plant is the industry leader and can handle a variety of small and large castings, including: carbon steel, alloy steel, chromium-nickel stainless steel, chromium stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, etc. Ferrous metal alloys, as well as brass and bronze alloys, choose the most correct material for casting according to your product requirements and specifications.

Our investment casting parts range from 0.010kg-70kg. More than 15 years of investment casting experience can solve very strict product quality requirements. In addition, rich manufacturing knowledge and technology make our investment casting process more flexible.

Our investment casting assembly line has passed ISO9001-2015 certification and TS16949 certification, providing the most reliable on-demand customized investment casting services for more than 1000 purchasing managers worldwide.

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Generally, choosing investment casting products has many advantages, including low production cost, high efficiency, stable quality, large-scale reproduction, and environmental protection.
In addition, investment casting can create very high-precision products, maintain a beautiful surface and high finish, and can meet the design of sophisticated products with complex structures.


Low-cost mold:
We use high-quality aluminum alloy to perform overall engraving through cnc machining center, including sliding parts, and the product life is 1.000.000, which is the lowest cost casting mold.


Low-cost casting:
use wax to create product models, maintain high precision, recyclable casting consumables and low labor costs.


Stable quality:
high-quality molds can replicate products in large quantities. In the casting process, there are few links that affect quality and quality control is simple.


Environmental protection:
no release of toxic gases and liquids, environmentally friendly product materials, environmentally friendly manufacturing supplies, and no pollution to the environment.


High precision:
By creating a precise wax mold, the product design with complex structure is realized. Good fluidity is the advantage of wax. The ceramic cavity can keep the product with a smooth surface like a wax mold, and the metal solution is flowing without loss , No defect, meet the precision design products.


Good functionality:
The use of extensive investment casting knowledge can control the properties of material properties, the chemical properties of the material, and increase the wear resistance, heat resistance, non-magnetic, and high strength of the product.

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Stainless steel investment casting service

  • A steel alloy mainly composed of iron and chromium, strong and durable, strong corrosion resistance, stainless steel investment casting parts are widely used in harsh environments, such as chemical plant equipment, smelter equipment, kitchen equipment, medical equipment, urban infrastructure ( Trash cans, telephone poles, etc.).

Aluminum alloy investment casting services

  • The widely used metal alloy has light weight, strong corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and is easy to machine. It is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, household hardware and other industries.


Copper alloy investment casting services

  • One of the ancient metals, with strong ductility, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, light weight and strong, easy to process, copper alloy investment castings are widely used in: pipe fittings, sensor components, electrical equipment, electronic accessories, etc.



1. Mold design:

According to product requirements and shape structure, create a design plan for the cavity of a high-strength metal mold with a smooth surface, and simulate the production process to optimize the quality and stability.


5. Lost wax:

Through high temperature, the wax in the wax mold assembly is liquefied to retain the complete ceramic cavity.


4. Shell making:

multiple wax molds are welded into a “tree”, allowing the metal solution to flow into the mold cavity in stages. Put the whole wax mold assembly into the ceramic slurry, generally divided into 7 times, and continue to dry to make the thickness at least 10mm.


3. Wax mold manufacturing:

Use high-pressure equipment to inject molten wax solution into the metal cavity to fix the mold and lock the sliding mold. After a few seconds of natural cooling, a complete wax model is obtained. Mulan MFG can rely on 3D printing to create a complete pull model, which is suitable for rapid prototyping and saves mold investment costs.


2. Mold manufacturing:

Use high-precision cnc machining center to engrave the designed mold cavity in hard aluminum alloy, including products with very complex structures.


6. Casting:

The molten metal solution is slowly introduced into the ceramic cavity. This process is critical to prevent the ceramic cavity from overheating and exploding or the flow rate is too fast to cause the product to have quality risks such as pores.


7. Product:

Destroy the ceramic cavity on the surface, just like eating an orange, and get the complete investment casting product inside.


8. Product processing:

After obtaining the product, we perform cnc machining, surface treatment, heat treatment, etc. according to the customized product requirements.


9. Packaging:

Reasonable and safe packaging allows customers to receive the most satisfactory products.


What is the difference with other casting processes?

1. Wax molds of investment casting products are formed in aluminum molds, which can create complex structures without affecting the flow of molten metal.
2. Metal castings can effectively remove excess air through the tree-shaped components during the casting process, and no air holes will appear.
3. The surface of the ceramic cavity is very smooth and air-permeable, which can ensure that the surface of the metal casting is smooth and free of pores after cooling.
4. Investment casting can replicate high-quality castings in large quantities with very high efficiency, and maintain a consistent appearance and smooth surface.
5. Different from sand casting and die casting, investment casting can use 3D printed wax patterns to manufacture rapid prototype casting parts.

What is the investment casting process?

Investment casting is also called lost wax investment casting. It is a precision casting process. It is widely used in solid parts and complex hollow parts. It is suitable for metal parts made of various alloys. It is often used for castings with complex structures and demanding performance requirements. It is a very reasonable casting method for customized special tools.
Investment casting has a high degree of design flexibility and can easily cast black alloy products with holes, threads, grooves, and complex structures. And eliminate part of the secondary processing part, saving costs.

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