The heated metal is pressed into the predetermined mold through the huge pressure of the large forging equipment to make it have the shape of the mold. According to the temperature in the forging process and the type of mold, there are different types of forging forming processes, which depend on the materials used, the environmental requirements of the application and the product design.

After forging, the material will refine the internal structure and have higher impact resistance, shear strength and wear resistance.

Mulan Group is committed to providing the highest quality metal forging parts. It has passed ISO9001-2015 quality certification and has a strong manufacturing team 24H*7 online technical support services. We will provide one-stop metal forging services to meet the requirements of the parts while maintaining better Low factory price.

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  • 1. Change the grain structure to better improve product strength and mechanical strength.
    2. Less waste of materials and low labor costs.
    3. Eliminate the voids and internal looseness of the material itself.
    4. Increase the ductility of the material.
    5. More efficient manufacturing of blank materials.
    6. Controllable in a very small tolerance range.

  • Cold Forging Services

    The metal is not heated and is cold forged at room temperature, suitable for metals with good ductility and improves production efficiency.


    Hot Forging Services

    The metal is heated to a soft state, and the pressure required for metal forming is small. After hot forging, the hardness and mechanical properties of the product are improved after cooling, but the accuracy is relatively low.

  • Closed Die Forging Services

    The metal is formed in the mold cavity, and the mold is filled by pressure to obtain a product close to the design. Save the cost of finishing.


    Open Die Forging Services

    The metal has no restriction on the mold, and the continuous forging and pressing enhances the product strength and fatigue resistance, changes the grain structure, and improves the performance.

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities



1. Low-cost raw materials: We are an authoritative forging manufacturer that can extract low-cost high-quality raw materials, and promise not to cut corners.
2. Advanced equipment: Advanced equipment can enhance manufacturing efficiency and reduce the production of unqualified products, saving waste costs.
3. Professional technical team: According to the requirements and standards of customers’ products, we can solve any production problems and failures at any time.
And evaluate the production process and status of the product.
4. Strict manufacturing process management: All work is under our control, strictly implementing the process standards in the quality system and recording them in detail.
5. Report feedback: We will provide detailed quality inspection data reports at each manufacturing stage.



Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, aluminum, customized/special materials
Heat treatment: annealing, normalizing, tempering, nitriding, carbonitriding, carburizing, induction hardening
Machining: CNC, drilling/boring, tapping, grinding, turning/turning, milling
Surface treatment: anodizing, coating, CVD/ PVD electroplating, electroplating, phosphate
Quality inspection: hardness, impact, MT, spectrometer, tensile strength, ultrasonic, third party inspection

Application of Metal Forging Services

  • ▸Gearbox and housing,

    ▸Various valve and filter components,
    ▸Pump components,
    ▸Pump body and casing,
    ▸Gear actuators,
    ▸Counterweight equipment,

  • ▸Flange,


  • ▸Tire shell,
    ▸Brake drum,
    ▸Engine manifold,
    ▸Engine block,
    ▸Steering components and cylinder heads.

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