A process for artificially forming a layer on the surface of a substrate material with mechanical, physical, and chemical properties different from that of the substrate. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the product’s corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decorative or other special functional requirements.The workpiece in the process of processing, transportation, storage, the surface is often with oxidation skin, rust molding residual sand, welding slag, dust and oil and other dirt.To coating can firmly adhere to the surface of workpiece, the workpiece surface before coating must be clean, otherwise, not only influence the adhesion and corrosion resistance of coating and metal, but also can make the matrix metal under even with protective coating can also continue to corrosion, the coating peeling, affect the mechanical properties and service life of the workpiece.Therefore, the surface treatment of the workpiece before painting is an important guarantee and measure to obtain good quality protection layer and extend the service life of the product.

Usually after the completion of the processing of the product to undergo special surface treatment to increase the physical properties and appearance of the product.To increase the material itself can not achieve corrosion resistance high temperature wear resistance and other characteristics, high quality surface treatment is very important.Mulan MFG has a professional surface treatment supply chain, according to the Chinese GB standards and ASTM standards for product surface treatment.Provide effective surface treatment report.


▸Polishing – Shot Blasting – Wire Drawing Process
▸Electroplating – Oxidation – Phosphating – Passivation – Chromate Treatment
▸Hot Dip Zinc
▸Powder Coating – Spray Paint
▸Water Transfer Printing – Silk Screen Printing – Etching – Laser Engraving

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  • Aluminum Alloy Mirror polishing

  • On mechanical repetition grinding metal materials, shining, smooth processing method, usually, we provide customers with thoughtful polishing service, make our products more perfect and glossy surface, generally applied to the decoration products and accessories, Mulan reproduce the end of the line is equipped with professional polishing department, through many specialized tools, can be polished appearance structure of complex product accessories.


  • Aluminum Alloy Mirror polishing

  • For materials with lower hardness, perfect surface is generally obtained. Sandblasting method is preferred, with low cost, perfect appearance and high production efficiency.Mulan MFG provides a perfect surface sandblasting service, with 0.3-2.0mm sand particles (glass, stainless steel, etc.) selected according to the hardness of different materials.Can be obtained: surface texture uniformity, good photosensitivity, clean, flat.Does not destroy the product structure and appearance.Keep the dimensions within acceptable limits.


  • CNC machining Service

  • In order to increase the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of aluminum products, Mulan offers the perfect anodizing process for aluminum alloys.Through electrolysis, the aluminum alloy surface forms a protective layer of 5-30 microns, increasing the surface hardness and corrosion resistance, so that the service life of the product can be increased, and can better beautify the product surface, can adhere to a variety of beautiful and gorgeous colors.Make the product more ornamental.


  • Custom bolt galvanized

  • Increase the corrosion resistance of steel and iron materials, normal parts of the service life, increase the appearance of decorative, usually use electric galvanizing process, low cost, high efficiency.Mulan MFG has a mature electric galvanizing line, more than 8 years of cooperation, the use of high-purity electrolytes, the product surface of the zinc layer is more solid, effective corrosion protection for more than 7 years, for coastal cities, at least 2 years of corrosion, support salt spray test.


  • Deep Drawing Auto parts

  • The thermoplastic powder coating is adsorbed on the surface of metal products by static electricity. After baking and heating, a layer of permanent coating film with bright credentials is formed on the surface.It can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of metal material, and it can also increase the appearance of the product surface, and the color can be customized.Generally used for: display props, shelves, cabinets, workbenches, equipment base, etc.

    Mulan MFG owns a large powder spraying line, which processes products such as elevator equipment and furniture decoration every day. It has high requirements on product appearance and duster technology.The surface of our products will undergo pickling and sandblasting to increase the adhesion of the paint, and the surface will be uniformly coated with 0.25mm-0.5mm plastic powder layer, and it can be tested by the testing instrument. The fastness can withstand the local impact of 100KG, without the phenomenon of large area depainting.Such a layer is called a qualified product and can be delivered to the customer for use.

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