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Copper Alloy - Very attractive gold color alloy

Copper alloys are very good energy conductors that can transfer heat and current well, such as wires, cables, and heat exchangers. Different types of copper alloys are widely used in various industries. Most of them are precision accessories such as electronics and heat conduction. Compared with other metal materials, copper alloys are very easy to process, have excellent strength and ductility, and are very suitable for precision CNC Machining and CNC punching and bending, and brazing can be easily connected to materials, more often it can replace the use of screws.


Mulan MFG is a leading supplier of custom-made copper alloy parts, providing online precision CNC machining and stamping and bending services for copper alloys. We take the starting point to help customers save time and money and cost, one-stop customized copper parts on demand, The professional processing line of copper alloy parts can produce high-quality finished products. With 18 years of rich processing experience, for us, no matter how complicated the structure is, it can be customized smoothly.
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Advantages Of Copper Alloy

  • Non-magnetic metal.
  • Good ductility.
  • Easy to process.
  • Highly corrosion resistant.
  • The best conductor of heat and electricity.

Some copper alloys of different properties


A metal alloy composed of copper and zinc, beautiful golden appearance, often used in decorative products, and has good ductility and high corrosion resistance, easy to cast, after high-quality surface treatment, you can get perfect brass products。


It is a copper material with a copper content of more than 99.5%. It has very good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, and is widely used in various industries. However, the pure copper must maintain a uniform processing pressure during the processing, so there will be no processing traces after vibration, which will affect the product quality.


It is a very common metal alloy. The main components are copper and tin. A small amount of aluminum and nickel can change the properties required for specific applications. The ductility of bronze is very good, and it has excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Other Copper Alloy

  • Aluminum bronze
  • tin bronze
  • phosphor bronze
  • cupronickel
  • silicon bronze
  • beryllium copper
  • lead copper, etc.

Many Surface Treatment Plan.


Shot Blasting



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Mulan MFG has a wealth of professional knowledge and processing experience to meet all your needs for customized precision parts. We have a large inventory of copper materials so that you can send orders at any time. Strong service partners can complete all surface treatment and heat treatment work, and deliver qualified precision customized products with high efficiency and high quality, which will exceed your expectations of the products. Contact us immediately to help you customize high-quality products.

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