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Aviation & military products are characterized by less quantity, more varieties, complex design and expensive materials.In order to solve the problems such as short manufacturing cycle, high efficiency manufacturing, high quality inspection and reasonable reduction of manufacturing cost, it is necessary to pay a lot of energy and time in the processing process, update and improve the processing technology and process in time, and find a better way to solve all the difficulties.

Mulan MFG has a professional aviation products supply chain, mainly engaged in military/civil aircraft structural parts finishing business.Aircraft parts include: fuselage parts, engine parts, airborne equipment parts.Civil aircraft parts account for 80% and are widely used in airborne equipment parts.

Usually, Mulan MFG accepts commissioned production orders, authorizes the production of aircraft products designed by customers, or raw materials provided by precision processing customers, and charges reasonable processing fees.Through advanced equipment and professional production lines to contribute to the development of the aviation sector.

Mulan MFG gradually gets through the industrial chain of aircraft product processing, realizes one-stop leapfrog service such as “parts manufacturing — components production — parts assembly”, and expands the key process of core parts, becoming one of the main businesses of the company.Precision 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machining equipment for the actual production of products to bring fast, accurate characteristics, breakthrough technical bottleneck.And become a number of aircraft parts procurement companies key suppliers.

Technical Characteristics of aviation precision parts.

On the basis of advanced “advanced numerical control processing equipment + advanced processing tools + perfect auxiliary system“, the processing personnel are the strongest factors influencing the product quality during the processing. The program is set and uploaded to the system, which can be produced in small batches. But human error needs to be controlled through reasonable process management and training. Active and effective process management is a necessary condition for parts.

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Efficient manufacturing process

Through years of manufacturing experience and technical research, Mulan MFG has focused on the technology and application of customized aerospace parts, and has made great progress in processing technology.

1. Independent production line, professional integrated work area, reasonable layout of product production.
2. Sufficient time to prepare before production, program adjustment, tooling fixture preparation, tool preparation, quality inspection, etc. to improve processing efficiency.
3. Use VERICUT NC program to simulate processing, optimize the technological process and improve the efficiency of product processing.
4. Strengthen the information communication between the production team and the product development team to efficiently operate the production requirements.
5. Increase the rapid processing equipment without personnel participation, such as: five-axis CNC equipment.
6. Fully estimate the machining deformation energy after cutting and heat treatment of the product, and prepare the machining allowance in advance.

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Military-Grade 3D Printing Application

Whether it is aircraft parts or military parts, it is a severe test of manufacturing capabilities. Product design prototypes are very important to verify the rationality of product design and the feasibility of low-cost manufacturing processes. Mulan MFG uses military-grade SLA / SLS 3D printing technology to rapidly manufacture high-precision product prototypes. Trace design deficiencies and optimize low-cost manufacturing solutions.

SLA 3D Printing

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