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The automotive parts manufacturing industry is developing rapidly and occupies a large proportion of today’s manufacturing market. Mulan MFG focuses on the customized production and manufacturing of automotive parts and is one of the main production businesses. Mainly focused on: engine parts, gearbox parts, high-pressure oil pump parts, bearings, circuit system parts, and other metal parts and plastic decorative parts, a large number of special production lines are used to produce high-quality auto parts.
Mulan MFG has established a professional auto parts production line that relies on high-precision, high-efficiency, and high-reliability advanced CNC machining tools to meet high-precision parts such as engine blocks, crankshafts, and so on. Production effect with customized automation function. For complex structures, technical difficulties have made major technological breakthroughs.

Deep Drawing Auto parts

Inspection measures for automobile parts manufacturing

1. By customizing PPAP files of auto parts, process verification is performed to prevent errors.
2. Prevent the errors from happening by regularly checking whether the equipment system is operating normally.
3. Make sure that the man-made links of all manufacturing processes are under control at any time.
4. Regularly check whether all hardware tools are used correctly, and update the life cycle at any time.

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