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With the development of modern science and technology, more and more people use electronic equipment, and scientific research and experimental work are inseparable from sophisticated electronic instruments, transportation, Internet of Things, communications, and so on. The development of the electronics manufacturing industry has exploded in recent years, and more and more companies have entered the design and production of electronic equipment.

Mulan MFG is engaged in the production and design of electronic components, advocating information technology manufacturing (ITM), manufacturing supported by information technology (IT), is the abbreviation of information technology manufacturing; it is for information technology and CNC machining equipment or CNC precision stamping equipment It is realized by the information manufacturing technology (MIT) combined with stamping equipment. MIT pioneered the “flexible” automation of manufacturing “physical” labor, especially the manufacturing of “brain” labor, thus providing a “flexible” and “global” one that always pursues the manufacturing industry and completely changes its traditional appearance. Technical opportunities for automation: Evolving manufacturing in the industrial age into “post-industrial era”, ie manufacturing in the information age.


Electronic equipment has very high requirements for the precision of products, and no minor errors are allowed. It will cause fatal damage to the entire electronic accessory circuit or generated data, which is a great test for the manufacturer’s technology and equipment.

Mulan MFG is involved in the manufacture of more than 100 electronic equipment components, mainly focusing on metal precision machining connectors, metal precision stamping connectors, metal and plastic (SLA and SLS) 3D printing and other manufacturing processes. In the past few years, we have supplied excellent high-quality electronic components and equipment housings to many well-known international electronic device companies. To help more than 30 newly-developed electronic equipment run smoothly, please contact us for more information on the manufacture of electronic accessories.


PCB Carrier – CNC Machining Service

Through the precision CNC Machining equipment, high-quality 7075 aviation aluminum, and the overall engraved circuit board bracket, it is used on the remote control sensor of the equipment to install electronic components. Click for more product information.

sheet metal stamping service

Power Connector – Sheet Metal Stamping

Mulan MFG mass production power module connector, is an indispensable component of every electronic product.A professional, fast production line can produce a surprising number of products in a few hours.Please contact us for more product information.

Rapid Prototyping Products

Led Diode Bracket – Plastic Rapid Prototyping

Through the Rapid Prototyping Service, high-temperature engineering plastics are processed, and the surface is polished as mirrors to increase the diffusion of light.Please contact us for more product information.

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