Manufacturing Solutions for Medical Devices
Manufacturing Solutions for Medical Devices

Medical Device

Medical devices refer to instruments, equipment, utensils, etc. used directly or indirectly on the human body. Each set of medical equipment consists of many sophisticated medical grade metals or plastics. Mulan MFG specializes in precision hardware custom parts such as medical equipment, surgical equipment, dentistry equipment, etc., adopts precision CNC machining centers, high-precision injection molding, high-speed progressive die stamping, etc. Mulan MFG provides rapid custom product prototypes and mass production to meet the special requirements of customized parts in the medical industry. Comply with ISO9001-2015 quality management certification, submit 98% qualified high-quality products. One-stop customized product manufacturing service can facilitate you to obtain fast and accurate medical supplies. Contact us for more information on customized accessories for medical products.

Aluminum alloy CNC machining shellfor Medical Devices

Mature Supply Chain

The mature medical product supply chain is the key to ensuring high-quality manufacturing. Mulan MFG starts strict quality control from raw materials, such as titanium, stainless steel, TPE, POM, PEEK, ABS, nylon, silicone rubber and more. Provides formal raw material testing Report, customized treatment of the product surface, to meet the appearance of sandblasting, plastic spraying, painting, anodizing and other beautification functions.

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