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Professional Customized Steel Products.

Steel - Widely Used Metal Material.

The wide application of steel plate products, steel strip products, steel rods, steel wires, steel pipes and steel structure products promotes the continuous development of industrial technology.

Moreover, with the use of high-quality steel products in different fields, the improvement of industrial technology has enhanced the performance of many alloy steels. There are currently 20 steel materials widely used. According to the standards of each country, EN-8 is derived. High performance steel materials such as EN-9, C-40, C-45, C-55, SAE 1040, SAE 1045 and SAE1050.

Steel material is the ultimate industrial metal material in today’s society. Human life always reflects the essence of steel products. In the past 100 years, human beings have relied on the application and performance of steel products and have rapidly developed more steel products. Production technology. Mulan MFG focuses on customizing alloy steel and carbon steel products on demand, as well as a variety of high-quality steel materials. Through the functions in different fields, different varieties of steel materials can be selected for high-quality CNC machining, sheet metal bending, and stamping. , Metal molds, and large-scale welded steel structure products. Mulan MFG always starts from the customer’s steel parts design point of view, one-stop customization of high-quality end products of steel.

Many times, various steel products are being produced on our equipment. High-efficiency operation and strict quality control allow us to deliver high-quality products to customers on time, and issue formal inspection reports, and are responsible for this. After-sales service. Whether you are a small project or a long-term global supply of steel products, you will get satisfactory factory quotations at Mulan MFG, high-quality steel product supply, and stable product delivery cycles.


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Advantages Of Carbon Steel Products & Alloy Steel Products

  • Steel is the most widely used metal construction material in the world. An important reason is the combination of steel’s competitive price and high performance.
  • Steel does not release any emissions that would harm human health.
  • Steel frame buildings can provide good safety, high comfort and satisfactory sound insulation.
  • Steel does not retain moisture, and in the long run, it may cause allergies and health problems.
  • Steel has a long service life.
  • Where high hygiene standards are required, such as in the food industry and medical care, steel can be advantageously used.
  • Steel can handle extreme environments, such as corrosive liquids or high temperatures or pressures.
  • All steel can be recycled-over and over again!
  • The magnetism of steel means that steel products can be easily disassembled and sorted for recycling or reuse.

Mulan MFG's Steel Products are Supplied To a Range Of Industries.

  • Buildings: metal roofs, steel beams, steel bars and mounting brackets. Vehicles: private cars, trucks, trains and bicycles.
  • Infrastructure: bridges, roads, lighting and high-voltage transmission towers, railings and steel safety barriers for railways.
  • Machines and tools: stamping tools, cylinders, lathes, saws and drills.
  • Industries: road rollers, pipelines, machines, cranes, bridge cranes, crushers and drilling rigs.
  • Medicine: scalpel (lancet), hip implants, suture needles and surgical needles.
  • Daily use: paper clips, scissors, kitchen sink devices, radiators, tableware, pans, emergency stairs, household appliances, sports equipment, and computers.

Mulan MFG Products are Used Many Industries

Carbon steel is a kind of general-purpose steel that offers excellent formability and weldability, being used in a wide variety of applications including auto manufacturing, shipbuilding, aerospace industry, petrochemical plants, auto-power and wind-engine, metallurgical machinery, precision tools, etc.

– Auto manufacturing
– Aerospace industry
– Auto-power and wind-engine
– Metallurgical machinery

One-Stop On Demand Steel Products Services

  • Design

  • Development

  • Manufacturing

Mulan MFG is one of the large-scale steel product manufacturing suppliers in China. It has a leading position in the industry with the advantage of rapid production response. It has 18 years of experience in the production of carbon steel products and alloy steel products, and a professional project team 7*24 Hours to provide high-efficiency manufacturing services for global customers. We have a developable advanced internal management workflow that can meet all your company’s system certifications for product quality and standards. Buyers from all over the world are always welcome to visit the production base of Mulan MFG.

Mulan MFG - Strong Manufacturing Capabilities For Steel Products.

Powerful Steel Material Warehouse.

Carbon Steel Cold Rolled Coil / Strip / Sheet

The properties of carbon steel are high hardness, strength, wear resistance and anti-corrosion.

Application JIS ASTM SAE
Commercial Quality G3141 SPCC A1008 CS Type A, B, C 1008~1012 CQ
Drawing Quality G3141 SPCD A1008 DS Type A, B 1006~1008 DQ
Deep Drawing Quality G3141 SPCE (N) A1008 DDS 1006 DDQ

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Coil Inside
Diameter (mm)
Coil 0.30~0.34
506 or 610
Strip 0.30~3.20 7~850
Sheet 0.30~3.20 50~1500 50~5800

Carbon Steel Pipes / Tubes

The properties of carbon steel are high hardness, strength, wear resistance and anti-corrosion.

Product Name Executive Standard Dimension (mm) Steel Code / Steel Grade
Carbon Steel Tubes for General Structure Purpose JIS G3444 Ø21.7~216.3 x WT2.0~6.0 Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Tubes for Machine Structure Purpose JIS G3445 Ø15~76 x WT0.7~3.0 STKM11A, STKM13A
Carbon Steel Pipes for Ordinary Piping JIS G3452 Ø21.9~216.3 x WT2.8~5.8 Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Pipes for Pressure Service JIS G3454 Ø21.7~216.3 x WT2.8~7.1 Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Rigid Steel Conduits JIS G8305 Ø21~113.4 x WT1.2~3.5 G16~G104, C19~C75, E19~E75
Carbon Steel Rectangular Pipes for General Structure JIS G3466 16 x 16~150 x 150 x WT0.7~6 Carbon Steel
Threaded Steel Pipes DIN 2440 Ø21~164 x WT2.65~4.85 Carbon Steel
Electric-Resistance-Welded Steel Pipes ASTM A135 Ø42.2~114.3 x WT2.11~2.63 A
ERW and Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Pipes ASTM A53 Ø21.3~273 x WT2.11~12.7 A, B
Pipes for Piling Usage ASTM A252 Ø219.1~508 x WT3.6~12.7 Gr.2, Gr.3
Tubes for General Structural Purpose ASTM A500 Ø21.3~273 x WT2.11~12.7 Gr.2, Gr.3
Square Pipes for General Structural Purpose ASTM A500 25 x 25~160 x 160 x WT1.2~8.0 Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes / Tubes

The properties of carbon steel are high hardness, strength, wear resistance and anti-corrosion.

Product Name Executive Standard Dimension (mm) Steel Code / Steel Grade
 Black and Hot-Dipped Zinc-Coated Seamless Steel Pipes ASTM A53 Ø10.3~1200 x WT1.0~150 Gr.A, Gr.B, Gr.C
Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes for High Temperature Service ASTM A106 Ø10.3~1200 x WT1.0~150 Gr.B, Gr.C
Seamless Cold-Drawn Low-Carbon Steel Heat-Exchanger and Condenser Tubes ASTM A179 Ø10.3~426 x WT1.0~36 Low Carbon Steel
Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes for High Pressure ASTM A192 Ø10.3~426 x WT1.0~36 Low Carbon Steel
Seamless Cold-Drawn Intermediate Alloy Steel Heat-Exchanger and Condenser Tubes ASTM A199 Ø10.3~426 x 1.0~36 T5, T22
Seamless Medium-Carbon Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes ASTM A210 Ø10.3~426 x WT1.0~36 A1, C
Seamless Ferritic and Austenitic Alloy Steel Boiler, Superheater and Heat-Exchanger Tubes ASTM A213 Ø10.3~426 x WT1.0~36 T5, T9, T11, T12, T22, T91
Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel for Mechanical Tubing ASTM A333 Ø1/4″~42″ x WT SCH20~XXS Gr.1, Gr.3, Gr.6
Seamless and Welded Carbon Steel Pipes and Alloy Steel Pipes for Low Temperature Use ASTM A334 Ø1/4″~4″ x WT SCH20~SCH80 Gr.1, Gr.6
Seamless Cold-Drawn Carbon Steel Feedwater Heater Tubes ASTM A556 Ø10.3~426 x WT1.0~36 A2, B2
Product Name Executive Standard Dimension (mm) Steel Code / Steel Grade
Seamless Steel Tubes for Elevated Temperature DIN 17175 Ø10~762 x WT1.0~120 St35.8, St45.8, 10CrMo910, 15Mo3, 13CrMo44, STPL340, STB410, STB510, WB36
Seamless Steel Tubes DIN 1629 / DIN 2391 Ø13.5~762 x WT1.8~120 St37.0, St44.0, St52.0, St52.3
Seamless Steel Tubes DIN 2440 Ø13.5~165.1 x WT1.8~4.85 St33.2
Seamless Steel Pipes for Structural Purpose DIN 2393 Ø16~426 x WT1.0~36 RSt34-2, RSt37-2, RSt44-2, St52

Pre-Painted Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

The properties of pre-painted hot dip galvanized steel are tough coating, completed protection, low maintenance and long life.

Name Thickness Width
Pre-painted Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Coil 0.2~1.5mm 600~1250mm
Pre-painted 5% Al-Zn Coated Steel Coil 0.2~1.5mm 600~1250mm
Pre-painted 55% Al-Zn Coated Steel Coil 0.2~1.38mm 600~1250mm

Carbon Steel Bar

Carbon steel has good properties in hardness and strength, and it is less expensive than other steels.

Product Name Diameter (mm)
Hot Rolled Round Bar 25~600
Hot Rolled Square Bar 21~54
Cold Drawn Round Bar 6~101.6
Cold Drawn Square Bar 6~50.8
Cold Drawn Hexagon Bar 9.5~65
Forged Bar 200~1000

Professional Customized Steel Product Factory.

CNC Machining Factory

Sheet Metal Fabrication

sheet metal fabrication service

Metal Stamping Factory

deep Drawing Factory

Stainless steel stamping auto parts bracket

  • Material : stainless steel
  • Tolerance : +/-0.2mm
  • MOQ : 1,000 Pcs
  • Process : stamping
  • Type : Customized
  • Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

Stainless steel sheet stamping power components

  • Material : stainless steel
  • Tolerance : +/-0.2mm
  • MOQ : 1,000 Pcs
  • Process : stamping
  • Type : Customized
  • Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

Stainless Steel CNC Machined Products

  • Material : Stainless Steel 316
  • Tolerance : +/-0.02mm
  • MOQ : 1 Pcs
  • Process : CNC Machining
  • Type : Customized
  • Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram

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